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John Coltrane Quartet - Ballads

In 1962, John Coltrane found himself at the center of a storm of controversy, his tumultuous, searching music branded "anti-jazz" by one virulent critic. While Coltrane would continue along that exploratory path for the remaining years of his career, part of his response to the critical venom was to record some of the most sweetly lyrical music in jazz history. The LP Ballads established him as one of the great lyric players and set the tone for his collaborations with Johnny Hartman and Duke Ellington. The first CD presents the original album in all its luminous glory, the burnished, silvery sound of Coltrane's tenor meticulously remastered by the original engineer, Rudy Van Gelder. The second CD presents supplementary material from the original sessions as well as material that has only recently come to light. The classic quartet's collective concentration shows in seven complete takes of "It's Easy to Remember," testing its melody again and again until every gesture--from the flute-like tenor sound to Jimmy Garrison's bowed bass and Elvin Jones's triumphant drum crescendo at the conclusion--is sculpted to perfection. There are also several takes of the airy "Greensleeves" and a limpidly beautiful version of "They Say It's Wonderful" with Coltrane in duet with pianist McCoy Tyner.
Stuart Broomer
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John Coltrane
(Deluxe Ed. 2 cds)



1. Say It (Over And Over Again) 4:18
2. You Don't Know What Love Is 5:14
3. Too Young To Go Steady 4:22
4. All Or Nothing At All 3:37
5. I Wish I Knew 4:52
6. What's New 3:46
7. It's Easy To Remember 2:47
8. Nancy (With The Laughing Face) 3:13


1. They Say It's Wonderful 3:05
2. All Or Nothing At All 3:43
3. Greensleeves 4:29
4. Greensleeves 3:49
5. Greensleeves 3:45
6. Greensleeves [45-rpm take] 3:40
7. Greensleeves 4:15
8. It's Easy To Remember 4:42
9. It's Easy To Remember 2:47
10. It's Easy To Remember 2:50
11. It's Easy To Remember 2:49
12. It's Easy To Remember 3:47
13. It's Easy To Remember 2:40
14. It's Easy To Remember 2:43

John Coltrane - ts
McCoy Tyner - p
Jimmy Garrison - b
Elvin Jones - dr

Disc Two, track 1 : Omit Garrison & Jones.
Disc Two, tracks 3-7 : Coltrane - (sop s) replaces (ts)

See the artwork for more details (dates, locations, takes unissued, etc.)


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Biterate .flac, with all Covers.

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hate to whine, but i get "file is broken" errors in .001 -- downloaded it several times too

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