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Jack Wilson - Something Personal

On this CD reissue, pianist Jack Wilson's first of three albums for Blue Note, the emphasis is on his interaction with vibraphonist Roy Ayers. Some of the selections recall the Modern Jazz Quartet, while a few of the other songs look toward Herbie Hancock and Bobby Hutcherson. The other musicians on the date are bassist Ray Brown (who plays cello on two numbers that include Charles Williams, Jr. on bass) and drummer Varney Barlow. In two cases (Ornette Coleman's "The Sphinx" and Wilson's "Shosh"), complex melody statements are succeeded by disappointingly conventional chordal jams, but in general this album is an excellent showcase for the often-overlooked Jack Wilson.
Scott Yanow

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Jack Wilson
Something Personal


1 Most Unsoulful Woman (Wilson)  6:50
2 The Sphinx (Coleman)  5:04
3 Shosh (Wilson)  8:56
4 Serenata (Anderson)  6:55
5 Harbor Freeway 5 P.M. (Wilson)  7:09
6 C.F.D (Wilson)  4:55
7 One and Four (aka Mr. Day) (Coltrane)  4:51

Roy Ayers - vb
Jack Wilson - p
Charles Williams JR. - b [# 1 & 2]
Ray Brown - b [# 3-7] & cel [# 1 & 2]
Varney Barlow - dr

Recorded in Los Angeles ; August 9 [# 4, 6 & 7] ; & August 10 [# 1-3 & 5], 1966


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