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Herbie Mann/Sahib Shihab - The Jazz We Heard Last Summer

This split LP pairs a sextet led by multi-instrumentalist Sahib Shihab with another under the direction of Herbie Mann. Big names all the way around on this one. On the Shihab session, John Jenkins and Clifford Jordan round out the front line, while Hank Jones, Addison Farmer, and Dannie Richmond hold down the rhythm. Mann, on the other hand, is joined by Phil Woods, Eddie Costa, Joe Puma, Wilbur Ware, and Jerry Segal. Nothing overly surprising here, but one can expect quality performances by all. The album's opener, "S.M.T.W.T.F.S.S. Blues," and Jenkins' own "Rockaway" are especially pleasing themes, as is the Phil Woods contribution, "World Wide Boots." Generally speaking, the Shihab tracks are a bit meatier, causing the momentum to taper off toward the end of the disc. This should not, however, sway fans of late-'50s bop, as a number of the scene's top players are featured on this admittedly short set.
Brandon Burke

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Herbie Mann
 Sahib Shihab
The Jazz We Heard Last Summer


1 S.M.T.W.T.F.S.S. Blues (Shihab)  6:36
2 Rockaway (Jenkins)  6:43
3 The Things We Did Last Summer (Cahn, Styne)  7:03
4 Green Stamp Monsta (Mann)  7:58
5 World Wide Boots (Woods)  8:22


[# 1-4] Sahib Shihab Sextet
John Jenkins - as
Clifford Jordan - ts
Sahib Shihab - bs
Hank Jones - p
Addison Farmer - b
Dannie Richmond - dr
Recorded in New York City ; June 6, 1957
[# 4-5] Herbie Mann Sextet
Herbie Mann - fl & ts
Phil Woods - as
Eddie Costa - vb & p
Joe Puma - g
Wilbur Ware - b
Jerry Segal - dr
Recorded in New York City ; May 2, 1957


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Herbie Mann/Sahib Shihab - Jazz We Heard Last Summer

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Please remember to post Donald Byrd/John Jenkins 'STAR EYES' also known as 'JAZZ EYES' on Savoy. This has a version of the Jenkins tune 'Rockaway' also found here in a separate version I didn't know existed, and, to distinguish between the two dates. It may be only available to RIP from the (or YOUR hopefully) vinyl 33 1/3 disc, released in 1977-78 on the 'SAVOY JAZZ' label, the successor to the original 50s Savoy [Ozzie] Cadena sessions/dates. Have searched FOREVER for the Byrd/Jenkins version in digital .rar/.zip/.flac shares. FABULOUS BLOG SHARES you have!!!! Thanks a Trillion Melanchthon. One of the best on the net, and GLAD to see you resurface! SALUT...TOUR DE FORCE!!!

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