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George Redman & Bob Enevoldsen - Moods in Jazz

On one of two albums led by baritonist Bob Gordon before his tragic death in a 1955 car crash, the cool-toned baritonist blends in well with trombonist Herbie Harper in a quintet that also includes a no-name rhythm section (pianist Maury Dell, bassist Don Prell and drummer George Redman). The emphasis is on slower tempos, in fact, two of the songs are titled "Slow Mood" (the Eddie Miller composition) and "Slow." This CD reissue of a Tampa set is worth picking up by fans of relaxed straightahead jazz.
Scott Yanow

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George Redman 
Bob Enevoldsen
Moods in Jazz
Reflections in Jazz


1 Babette (Dell) 2:56
2 Moer Blues (Prell) 5:51
3 Sonny Boy (Brown, DeSylva, Henderson) 2:22
4 Slow Mood (Miller) 3:09
5 Slow (Cohn) 1:53
6 Just George (Stewart) 4:12
7 Iron Works (Enevoldsen) 3:54
8 Loaded With Bass (Enevoldsen) 5:06
9 Topsy (Battle, Durham) 5:29
10 Blues & Rhythm (Enevoldsen) 8:32
11 Don't Be That Way (Goodman, Parish, Sampson) 5:36

[# 1-6 & 10] George Redman - Moods in Jazz
Bob Gordon - bs
Herbie Harper - tb
Maury Dell - p
Don Prell - b
George Redman - dr
[# 7-9 & 11] The Bob Enevoldsen Quintet [Reflections in Jazz]
Bob Enevoldsen - tb
Marty Paich - acc & p
Larry Bunker - vb
Don Heath - dr
Red Mitchel - b

Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California ; 1955 [# 1-6 & 10] & August 8, 1955 [# 7-9 & 11]

A hip set led by Bob Enevoldsen on both valve trombone and tenor -- and featuring Marty Paich on piano and accordion, Larry Bunker on vibes, and Red Mitchell on bass. Enevoldsen's work on the valve trombone is really great here -- as well-spaced and timed as that of Bob Brookmeyer in the period -- but also given some interesting inflections, due to the use of vibes and accordion, which seem to bring out even more harmonics in the session -- all in ways that definitely echo the reflective title of the record. Titles include "Topsy", "Loaded With Bass", "Iron Works", "Blues & Rhythm", and "Don't Be That Way".
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