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Duke Ellington Trio - Money Jungle

Duke Ellington surprised the jazz world in 1962 with his historic trio session featuring Charles Mingus and Max Roach. Not in a mood to simply rework older compositions, the bulk of the LP focused on music he wrote specifically for the session. "Money Jungle" is a thunderous opener, a blues that might be classified somewhere between post-bop and avant-garde. The gem of the date is the fragile, somewhat haunting ballad "Fleurette Africaine," where Mingus' floating bassline and Roach's understated drumming add to the mystique of an Ellington work that has slowly been gathering steam among jazz musicians as a piece worth exploring more often. "Very Special" is a jaunty upbeat blues, while the angular, descending line of "Wig Wise" also proves to be quite catchy. Ellington also revisits "Warm Valley" (a lovely ballad indelibly associated with Johnny Hodges) and an almost meditative "Solitude." Thunderous percussion and wild basslines complement a wilder-than-usual approach to "Caravan." Every jazz fan should own a copy of this sensational recording session.
Ken Dryden

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Duke Ellington
Charlie Mingus

Max Roach
Money Jungle


1 Very Special (Ellington)  4:27
2 A Little Max (Ellington)  2:58
3 A Little Max [alternate take] (Ellington)  2:56
4 Fleurette Africaine (Ellington)  3:37
5 Rem Blues [#] (Ellington)  4:17
6 Wig Wise (Ellington)  3:19
7 Switch Blade (Ellington)  5:25
8 Caravan (Ellington, Mills, Tizol)  4:14
9 Money Jungle (Ellington)  5:30
10 Solitude [alternate take] (DeLange, Ellington, Mills)  4:44
11 Solitude (DeLange, Ellington, Mills)  5:34
12 Warm Valley (Ellington)  3:34
13 Backward Country Boy Blues (Ellington)  6:20


Duke Ellington - p
Charles Mingus - b
Max Roach - dr

Recorded at Sound Makers, New York City ; September 17, 1962


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Are you able to explain why some track listings for the expanded edition have 15 tracks instead of 13 (the order is also different).

Wiki lists 15:

In Amazon and elsewhere there are 13.


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Duke Ellington - Money Jungle

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