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Dick Collins & The Runaway Herd

In the big band era of the 1950s, the jazz trumpeter was perhaps the most important musician of all in an orchestra, along with the band’s drummer, of course. The first trumpet was the section’s leader and set the tone for the horns. But the third chair, or jazz trumpet, had the solos and gave a band its personality and flavor. Once the LP era started in earnest in the mid-1950s, the jazz trumpet played an even more vital role, delivering a sound that stood out on home phonographs and served as the band’s de facto vocalist. Among the greatest jazz trumpeters of this period was Dick Collins. Dick isn’t as well known today among jazz fans as Don Fagerquist, Conte Candoli and other West Coast band trumpeters, probably because Dick largely stopped recording in 1962 to pursue other interests. But during his recording days, Dick’s warm sound was signature in the bands of Woody Herman, Les Brown and others. Dick recorded only three albums as a small-group leader, one of which wound up being credited to Nat Pierce by mistake. These albums — Horn of Plenty, King Richard the Swing Hearted and Nat Pierce and the Herdsmen, Featuring Dick Collins — are works of art.

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Dick Collins
The Runaway Herd
Horn of Plenty


1 I'd Know You Anywhere (McHugh, Mercer)  3:06
2 Angel Eyes (Dennis, Brent)  3:45
3 Tricky Dick (Cohn)  2:46
4 Stairway to the Stars (Malneck, Signorelli, Parish)  2:55
5 Very Shifty (Pierce)  2:33
6 Just as You Are (Dolman, Mellin)  3:09
7 What a Little Moonlight Can Do (Woods, Campbell)  2:46
8 My One and Only Love (Wood, Mellin)  3:19
9 No Soap! (Pierce)  3:08
10 The Long Night (Cohn)  2:34
11 Why Was I Born (Kern, Hammerstein II)  2:55
12 Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (Clare, Stept)  2:54


Dick Collins - tp
Dick Hafer -ts
Al Cohn - ts
Med Flory - as
Bill Perkins - fl & ts
Jack Nimitz - bs
Nat Pierce - p
Red Kelly - b
Chuck Flores -d

Recorded in New York City ; May 22 & 23, 1954

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