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Curtis Amy & Dupree Bolton - Katanga !

Tenor saxophonist Curtis Amy recorded six albums for Pacific Jazz during 1960-63. This CD reissue from 1998 has all of the music from his sixth set (Katanga) and half of the performances (three selections) from his fourth outing, Way Down. Amy had a fine hard bop-oriented style with a soulful sound. The Katanga date matched him with the legendary (and barely documented) trumpeter Dupree Bolton, guitarist Ray Crawford (heard in top form), pianist Jack Wilson, bassist Victor Gaskin and drummer Doug Sides on four originals, plus "A Shade of Brown" and "You Don't Know What Love Is." The other session finds Amy with a completely different group consisting of trumpeter Marcus Belgrave (one of his few recordings from the era), valve trombonist Roy Brewster, vibraphonist Roy Ayers (at the beginning of his career), bassist George Morrow and drummer Tony Bazley, performing three of Amy's tunes. Obscure but rewarding music that was overshadowed during the era and was previously long out of print.
Scott Yanow

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Curtis Amy 
Dupree Bolton
Katanga !


1 Katanga (Bolton)  3:05
2 Lonely Woman (Amy)  3:50
3 Native Land (Amy)  10:21
4 Amyable (Wilson)  6:14
5 You Don't Know What Love Is (DePaul, Raye)  6:01
6 A Shade of Brown (Solomon)  5:59
7 A Soulful Bee, a Soulful Rose (Amy)  6:54
8 24 Hour Blues (Amy)  5:23
9 Lisa (Amy)  2:33


[# 1-6] Katanga ! (PJ-70)
Curtis Amy - ts & ss
Dupree Bolton - tp
Ray Crawford - g
Jack Wilson - p
Victor Gaskin - b
Doug Sides - dr
Recorded at the Pacific Jazz Studios, Los Angeles ; March, 1963
[# 7-9] part of Way Down (PJ-46)
Curtis Amy - t
Marcus Belgrave - tp
Roy Brewster - tb
Roy Ayers - vb
John Houston - p
George Morrow - b
Tony Bazley - dr
Recorded same place ; early 1962


Orbyt said...

Great post Mel. Dupree Bolton is a standout here for me in addition to CA. I spin this diverse set quite a bit. Highly recommended.

jazzy62 said...

Great post indeed Mel. Ray Crawford is always welcome. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. I didn't know Curtis Amy very well nor Dupree Bolton. C'est un très bon album en effet, en particulier les faces de 63.

Otis Foster said...

Bolton is outstanding - a great talent but a wasted life. There's an Uptown release of some sessions he did with a prison band while doing time that's worth a listen.


Anonymous said...

Granny, I have info about that brownie that was uploaded here? Email me?

SoandSo said...

This is truly the masterpiece!

SlimStew said...

thanks for this--Dupree and Ray Crawford, especially, are burnin' on this.

duck said...

Always liked Curtis Amy, thanks Mel

swamielmo said...

thank you mel. this is new to me. i am expanding my view and loving what i am finding.

Pete said...

Thank you this is a fantastic lp. and features the wonderful Ray Crawford on guitar, cheers from Melbourne Australia.

FrankDell said...

Thank you for this. Looking forward to finally hearing Dupree Bolton.

sundalands said...

I have been after this one for a long time, thank you so much! Is there any chance of seeing the other album Dupree Bolton played on, "The Fox", Harold Land?

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Muchas Gracias.

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Much appreciated. Thank you.

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AMAZING.......................THANK YOU FOR ALL

frumious bandersnatch said...

This one is truly outstanding ! no wonder it has gained a sort of cult status, and thankfully its' been reissued recently on vinyl on the excellent Heavenly Sweetness label.
Thanks for one more great discovery !!

AmyBRAINS said...

A fantastic upgrade to me.
Thanks a lot, Melanchthon.

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Hi, is it possible to repost a new download link ?
Thanks et very good job.
Bertrand from Paris.

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Dupree Bolton! thanks so much dear MM!

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Thanks Mel
Fantastic album

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Authentic and excellent hard bop from the West Coast, with the rare Dupre Bolton and underappreciated Curtis Amy. Thanks so much!

Kovina Kris said...

This looks like a really cool and rare treat. Thank you Mel!

Axel.T. said...

Great Players equal GREAT music

mottainternational said...

wonderful music, thank you. Unfortunately I tried the new link with no success