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Candido Featuring & Al Cohn + Candido In Indigo

New York jazz critics hailed Candido as the greatest Cuban drummer to burst into the jazz scene since the spectacular Chano Pozo took New York by storm before he was killed in 1948. In presenting Candido’s first album, producer Creed Taylor tried to showcase him using a small jazz group.
Candido had integrated his Afro-Cuban origins and his bop adolescence into a jazz maturity which was extended, and in turn stimulated by, the quintet Creed Taylor chose to play with him — Al Cohn on tenor, Joe Puma on guitar, Dick Hyman, piano, Whitey Mitchell, bass, and Ted Sommer, drums. The great Cuban percussionist laid down the fluid coupling between the close knit rhythm section and the relaxed tenor of Cohn, blowing intelligently on his bongo and conga solos.
On the second album included, recorded two years later, Candido was matched with a similar quintet, again with Puma on guitar, but this time with Dick Hyman on organ, contributing some solid, meaty playing. Trumpeter Ernie Royal was assured and warm, while George Duvivier on bass and Charlie Persip on drums provided fine rhythm support.

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Featuring Al Cohn
Candido In Indigo

(2 lps on 1 cd)


1 Mambo Inn (Sampson)  4:53
2 I'll Be Back for More (Sampson)  4:19
3 Stompin' at the Savoy (Sampson, Webb, Goodman)  3:22
4 Candi Bar (Puma)  4:10
5 Broadway (DeSylva, Henderson, Brown)  4:09
6 Perdido (Tizol, Lengsfelder, Drake)  3:46
7 Indian Summer (Herbert)  5:39
8 Candido's Camera (Camero)  4:05
9 Poinciana (Simon, Bernier)  4:13
10 Cheek to Cheek (Berlin)  4:18
11 Afro Blue (Hyman)  3:21
12 Caravan (Tizol, Ellington, Mills)  3:26
13 Softly, But Blue (Puma)  4:23
14 Blue Lou (Sampson, Mills)  2:42
15 Blue Prelude (Jenkins, Bishop)  2:16
16 Bongo Baby (Camero)  3:13
17 Blue Dirge (Puma)  5:24
18 Candido Cocktail (Puma, Martin)  3:55
19 Singing Skins (Camero)  2:54


[# 1-10] from the original ABC-Paramount 12" album : "Candido" (ABC-125)
Candido Camero - cg, d & bgo
Al Cohn - ts
Dick Hyman - p
Joe Puma - g
Whitey Mitchell - b
Ted Sommer - dr
Recorded in New York City ; April 9 & 10, 1956.
[# 11-19] from the original ABC-Paramount 12" album : "Candido in Indigo" (ABCS-236)
Candido Camero - cg, d & bg
Ernie Royal - tp
Dick Hyman - org
Joe Puma - g
George Duvivier - b
Charlie Persip - dr
Recorded in New York City ; April 28 & May 1, 1958


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