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Bobby Hackett In a Mellow Mood & Soft Lights Sessions

Complete In a Mellow Mood & Soft Lights Sessions is ideal for romantic evenings, intimate dinners, and relaxed moonlight driving. Cornetist Bobby Hackett's elegant lounge/chamber jazz recordings of 1953, 1954, and 1955 were originally issued on two LPs titled In a Mellow Tone and Soft Lights and Bobby Hackett. The addition of strings and semi-classical orchestration (complete with sweeping harp arpeggios) makes this material a cousin to Charlie Parker's Bird with Strings sessions. While some may shy away from this kind of production, anyone who's not afraid of a lush, almost cinematic atmosphere and feels capable of unbiased relaxation should really try this on for size. The songs are well-chosen, the ensemble has class, and Hackett does a splendid job with each of these beautiful melodies.
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Bobby Hackett
Complete in a Mellow Mood
Soft Lights Sessions


1 That Old Black Magic (Arlen, Mercer)  3:05
2 The Song is You (Hammerstein, Kern)  2:45
3 You Turned the Tables On Me (Alter, Mitchell)  2:28
4 Someday You'll Be Sorry (Armstrong)  2:35
5 Easy To Love (Porter)  2:16
6 Soft Light and Sweet Music (Berlin)  2:08
7 Cried For You (Arnheim, Freed, Lyman)  2:28
8 Bobby's Blues (Feller, Hackett)  2:49
9 Deep Night (Henderson, Vallee)  2:53
10 Mood Indigo (Bigard, Ellington, Mills)  3:35
11 All Through the Night (Porter)  3:50
12 Flamingo (Anderson, Grouya)  3:08
13 Rain (Ford)  2:56
14 Serenade In Blue (Gordon, Warren)  3:24
15 Lazy River (Arodin, Carmichael)  3:03
16 Get Out of Town (Porter)  2:14
17 Carefree (Henderson, Heyman)  2:41
18 You're My Thrill (Clare, Gorney)  3:15
19 Stars In My Eyes (Fields, Kreisler)  2:17
20 In a Sentimental Mood (Ellington, Kurtz, Mills)  3:09
21 How About You ? (Freed, Lane)  2:56
22 Under a Blanket of Blues (Livingston, Neiburg, Symes)  2:48
23 Sleep (Lebieg)  2:36
24 It's All Right with Me (Porter)  3:25


[# 1-8]
Bobby Hackett - crnt
Lou Stein - p
Billy Bauer - g
Arnold Fishkind - b
Denzil Best - dr
String Quintet (4 violas & 1 cello)
Sid Feller (probably) - arr
Recorded in New York ; May 11, 1953
[# 9-12]
Bobby Hackett - crnt
Unknow (p, g, b, dr, fr hrn, reeds & hrp)
Glenn Osser - arr
Recorded in New York City ; November 7, 1954
[# 13-16]
Bobby Hackett - crnt
Unknow ( vb, p, g, b & dr)
Glenn Osser - arr
Recorded in New York ; November 9, 1954
[# 17-20]
Bobby Hackett - crnt
Unknow (p, g, b, dr, tp, fr hrn & reeds)
Glenn Osser - arr
Recorded in New York ; November 10, 1954
[# 21-24]
Bobby Hackett - crnt
Unknow (p/clst, g, b, dr & string quintet)
Recorded in New York ; July 18, 1955


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Thnx Mel - Bobby Hackett was an integral part of my mostly unsuccessful attempts at college romance many years ago.

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The classiest music of its type, surely. Thanks a lot, Mel.

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Hackett is very underrated IMHO. Very melodic and supremely swinging !

Thanks for this beauty !



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Is Bobby Hackett "What A Wonderful World" (Flying Dutchman) available?