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Zoot Sims Joe Pass - Blues for Two

Although guitarist Joe Pass recorded many unaccompanied solo albums, he made relatively few dates as part of a duo. This CD reissue of a session with tenor-saxophonist Joe Pass works quite well because Zoot Sims was a natural swinger who did not need a full rhythm section to push him. His playing on the selections (mainly standards including "Dindi," "Poor Butterfly," "Pennies From Heaven" and "I Hadn't Anyone Till You") is as heated and lyrical as usual. Pass also warms up quickly to the situation (Sims must have been easy to accompany) and takes many fine solos of his own. The pair collaborated on the opening "Blues for 2" and "Takeoff" which wraps up the highly enjoyable set.
Scott Yanow

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Zoot Sims
Joe Pass
Blues for Two


1 Blues for 2 (Pass, Sims)  4:58
2 Dindi (Gilbert, Jobim)  4:22
3 Pennies from Heave (Burke, Johnston)  7:39
4 Poor Butterfly (Golden, Hubbell)  4:59
5 Black and Blue (Brooks, Razaf, Waller)  5:57
6 I Hadn't Anyone Till You (Noble)  5:59
7 Takeoff (Pass, Sims)  4:10
8 Remember (Berlin)  5:30

Zoot Sims - s
Joe Pass - g

Recorded at RCA Studios, New York ; March 6 & June 23, 1982


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