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Tommy Flanagan in Stockholm

This studio session represents one of Tommy Flanagan's earliest dates as a leader, recorded while he was in Stockholm, Sweden. Bassist Wilbur Little and a young Elvin Jones on drums provide strong support, but the focus is on Flanagan's brilliant piano. The brilliant opener is a potent brisk run through Charlie Parker's "Relaxin' at Camarillo," followed by a faster than typical "Chelsea Bridge," which the leader playfully detours into another Billy Strayhorn composition ("Raincheck") for a moment, while also featuring Jones' brushwork in a pair of breaks. Flanagan's approach to the venerable standard "Willow Weep for Me" is steeped in blues, backed by Little's imaginative accompaniment. The bulk of this date is devoted to Flanagan's compositions, though only one, "Eclypso," remained in his repertoire for long. This engaging piece alternates between calypso and bop, with Jones switching between sticks and brushes. "Beat's Up" has the obvious influence of Bud Powell, while the extended blues "Little Rock" opens with a sauntering bass solo. This album has been released under various titles on several labels, including DIW, Dragon, Met, and Prestige, though Fantasy reissued it with three alternate takes in 1999.
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Tommy Flanagan

1 Relaxin' at Camarillo (Parker)  3:21
2 Chelsea Bridge (Strayhorn)  3:46
3 Eclypso (Flanagan)  6:00
4 Beat's Up (Flanagan)  4:22
5 Skål Brothers (Flanagan)  2:33
6 Little Rock (Flanagan)  7:08
7 Verdandi (Flanagan)  2:15
8 Delarna (Flanagan)  4:44
9 Willow Weep for Me (Ronell)  6:29
10 Delarna [*] (Flanagan)  4:36
11 Verdandi [*] (Flanagan)  2:11
12 Willow Weep for Me [*] (Ronell)  6:18

Tommy Flanagan - p
Wilbur Little - b
Elvin Jones - dr

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden ; August 15, 1957.


BigD said...

Thanks so much for showing a little piano love and sharing Mr. Flanagan this looks to an awesome date. There are a lot of guitarists represented here and it is nice to see some piano love for Flanagan and Pearson today, (I am a piano man at heart).

Also thanks for having all the guitarists too. I normally don't get a chance to hear many of them as I study piano and spend all my money on the piano and organ based albums. Other than my favorites like Grant Green and Kenny Burrell and some Barney Kessell I didn't get to hear much guitar until I found this blog and discovered Marcel Bianchi, Jimmy Raney, Sal Salvador and all of the other great artists featured here. Thanks so much for expanding my musical universe.

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The association of these three guys is tremendous ! Enjoy, Enjoy ...

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