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The Dual Role of Bob Brookmeyer

This CD reissue has four selections apiece from two different bands, both of which feature subtle interplay and cool tones. Bob Brookmeyer plays valve trombone and piano on two songs apiece with his 1955 quartet, a group also including guitarist Jimmy Raney, bassist Teddy Kotick and drummer Mel Lewis. The other half of this disc is actually led by vibraphonist Teddy Charles who features Brookmeyer on both of his instruments along with bassist Teddy Kotick and drummer Ed Shaughnessy; Nancy Overton takes a vocal on "Nobody's Heart." Although the overall set is not all that essential, the music is pleasing and reasonably creative.
Scott Yanow

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Bob Brookmeyer
The Dual Role of Bob Brookmeyer


1 Rocky Scotch (Brookmeyer) 4:40
2 Under the Lilacs (Brookmeyer) 5:07
3 They Say It's Wonderful (Berlin) 5:49
4 Potrezebie (Raney) 4:49
5 Revelation (Mulligan) 5:46
6 Star Eyes (DePaul, Raye) 4:29
7 Nobody's Heart (Hart, Rodgers) 4:25
8 Loup-Garou (Charles) 4:38

[# 1-4]
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Jimmy Raney - g
Teddy Kotick - b
Mel Lewis - dr
Recorded in Hackensack, New Jersey, June 30, 1955
[# 5-8]
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Teddy Charles - vb
Ed Shaughnessy - dr
Nancy Overton - vcl [on # 13 only]
Recorded in New York City, January 6, 1954


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-Paul Bryant - The Blues Message
-Don Friedman - Metamorphosis
-Pete LaRoca - Turkish Women at the Bath
-Art Pepper - Discovery Sessions
-Jack Wilson Quartet - Ramblin'

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