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Sonny Stitt - Autumn in New York

This Black Lion CD combines together four selections from a quintet session featuring altoist Sonny Stitt, trumpeter Howard McGhee, pianist Walter Bishop, bassist Tommy Potter and drummer Kenny Clarke (three boppish blues and a Stitt feature on "Lover Man") with four selections showcasing Stitt with unknown accompaniment from a 1962 date at Birdland. The saxophonist recorded so many sessions that it is not necesssary to acquire them all to get a good sampling of his playing (particularly since his style was virtually unchanged after the mid-'50s), but the CD has its heated moments.
Scott Yanow

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:axfqxqugldhe

Sonny Stitt
Autumn in New York


1 Stardust (Carmichael, Parish) 3:52
2 Cherokee (Noble) 4:15
3 Autumn in New York (Duke) 4:51
4 The Gypsy (Reid) 3:34
5 Lover Man (Davis, Davis, Ramirez, Sherman) 5:21
6 Matter Horns (Eigel, Jungfrau, Phonoco) 10:52
7 Hello (McGhee) 7:01
8 Night Work (McGhee) 7:30

[# 1-4]

Sonny Stitt - as
With unknow piano, bass & accompaniment

Recorded at Birdland, New York City ; circa 1962 [# 5]
Sonny Stitt - as
Walter Bishop - p
Tommy Potter - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
[# 6-8]

As above except Howard McGhee is added
Recorded in Turicop Studios, Zurich ; October 18, 1967


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