Thursday, May 2, 2013

Richie Kamuca Quartet

Considering his talent, it is very surprising that tenor saxophonist Richie Kamuca led so few record dates throughout his career -- just three during 1956-58 and three for Concord in 1977. This quartet set (a MOD LP reissued by V.S.O.P. on CD) features the excellent cool-toned tenor in a quartet with pianist Carl Perkins, bassist Leroy Vinnegar and drummer Stan Levey. Only the brief playing time (just over 30 minutes) keeps this set from getting a higher rating, for Kamuca is in prime form. Highlights include "Just Friends," "What's New" and "Cherokee."
Scott Yanow

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Richie Kamuca
Richie Kamuca Quartet


1 Just Friends (Klenner, Lewis) 5:22
2 Rain Drain (Kamuca) 3:34
3 What's New ? (Burke, Haggart) 2:28
4 Early Bird (Leadon, Meisner, Perkins) 4:12
5 Nevertheless (I'm in Love with You) (Kalmar, Ruby) 6:16
6 My One and Only Love (Wood, Mellin) 3:34
7 Fire One (Perkins) 2:10
8 Cherokee (Noble) 3:01

Richie Kamuca - ts
Carl Perkins - p
Leroy Vinnegar - b
Stan Levey - dr

Recorded at Radio Recoders, Hollywood, California ; June, 1957


Axel.T. said...

Fantastic!! Thank you so much for this 'Mode LP' of Richie. He was such a great player with Shelly Manne's Quintet for so many years and I saw him with Jack Sheldon at Dontes jazz club after he did a stint on the tonight show band. It is a real shame he died so young (47 y/o) from lung cancer. He has been sorely missed in the jazz community. What a great player.

Axel.T. said...

Can you please post with Rapidshare or other than usenet link?

ramson said...

Richie Kamuca Quartet

Link not work. I think is missing a character on link.

Philo said...

Richie Kamuca Quartet (1957)

This is very good stuff.

Strong playing from all 4 musicians! Clean sound on the digital transfer.

ramson said...

Richie Kamuca Quartet, 1957 MODE

Great music.

boro boy said...

Many thanks for an invaluable addition to the limited availability of recordings by an extremely talented artist.

VeryBlasted said...

Thank you for the great Richie Kamuca. Gone before his time....

jazzlover said...

One of the best ts i've heard,thank you Mel,brilliant post!

rm said...

Thank you!! Long live your blog!

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Cheers Mel