Monday, May 27, 2013

Pat Martino - Stone Blue

The guitar master is at it again on this collection of original tunes. Mixing up bop and funk with heavy doses of pop, he offers up a very listenable album with lots of character. Standout tracks include the fat beat of "Mac Tough" and the evocative "With All The People."
Tim Sheridan

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Pat Martino

Joyous Lake
Stone Blue


1 Uptown Down (Martino) 4:25
2 Stone Blue (Martino) 6:46
3 With All the People (Martino) 9:15
4 13 to Go (Martino) 7:27
5 Boundaries (Martino) 8:09
6 Never Say Goodbye (Martino) 3:40
7 Mac Tough (Martino) 6:13
8 Joyous Lake (Martino) 13:26
9 Two Weighs Out (Martino) :33


Pat Martino - g
Eric Alexander - ts
Delmar Brown - p
James Genus - b
Kenwood Dennard - dr & perc

Recorded at Avatar Studios, New York City ; February 14 & 15, 1988


Melanchthon said...

Bitrate .flac, with complete artwork.

Arkiver said...

Always a pleasure to hear something from Pat Martino. What a unique talent and incredible story. Thanks once again!

skip-a-rope said...

none of your passwords work anymore... i would love to hear some of these!!
these are no good:Passewords are : melanchthon, baruch or bloom