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Oscar Peterson Trio at the Stratford Shakespearean Festival

This CD contains what is considered by most listeners to be the finest recording of the Oscar Peterson-Herb Ellis-Ray Brown trio, a group that lasted from 1953-1958. Although the soloing was always quite passionate and spontaneous, the very complex arrangements are really what made this unit sound unique. The live CD adds two selections ("Nuages" and the 13-minute "Daisy's Dream") to the original program, and contains particularly memorable renditions of "Falling in Love With Love," "How About You," "Swinging on a Star," "How High the Moon," and "52nd Street Theme." Essential music from a classic band.
Scott Yanow

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Oscar Peterson
At the Stratford Shakespearean Festival


1 Falling in Love With Love (Hart, Rodgers) 6:15
2 How About You ? (Freed, Lane) 5:53
3 Flamingo (Anderson, Grouya) 4:59
4 Swinging on a Star (Burke, VanHeusen) 5:33
5 Noreen's Nocturne (Peterson) 5:31
6 Gypsy in My Soul (Boland, Jaffe) 6:23
7 Nuages (Reinhardt ) 5:05
8 How High the Moon (Hamilton, Lewis) 9:44
9 Love You Madly (Ellington) 8:01
10 52nd Street Theme (Monk) 4:13
11 Daisy's Dream (Peterson) 13:26

Oscar Peterson - p
Herb Ellis - g
Ray Brown - b

Recorded in concert at the Statford Shakespearean Festival, Ontario ; August 8, 1956.


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A classic recording by artists at their collective peak performance level.

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OP Trio - Stratford Shakespearean Festival:
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