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Lenny Hambro - The Nature of Things

Cut in 1956, The Nature of Things wound up as Lenny Hambro's last session as a leader for Columbia, and it was a fine way to go out -- a light, swinging affair that could be called cool if it wasn't so squarely in the middle of the road. And that's not a bad thing. Thanks to Hambro's sweet alto tone and light touch, the music is engagingly laid-back -- perfect for setting a breezy mood or relaxation. Though Hambro and his supporting groups -- one featuring guitarist Sal Salvador, bassist Clyde Lombardi, and drummer Harold Granowsky; the other featuring Barry Galbraith, bassist Arnold Fishkin and drummer Gus Johnson Jr.; pianist Eddie Costa is constant throughout -- are nimble players, this isn't an album to be listened to intently, it's a record to lay back and enjoy. It's period music, but in the good sense.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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Lenny Hambro
The Nature of Things


1 Comin' Thru (Hambro) 3:23
2 Ain't She Sweet (Ager, Yellen) 3:03
3 I Married an Angel (Rodgers, Hart) 3:44
4 My Future Just Passed (Whiting, Marion Jr.) 3:15
5 Love Letters (Young, Heyman) 4:39
6 My Foolish Heart (Young, Washington) 3:25
7 Sweet Sue, Just You (Young, Harris) 4:40
8 Like Someone in Love (VanHeusen, Burke) 3:29
9 I Love You Much Too Much (Raye, Olshanetsky, Towber) 3:57
10 Libation for Celebration (Hambro) 3:32
11 Blue Light (Hambro) 3:20
12 I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You (Young, Crosby, Washington) 4:16

[# 1-4, 8, 9 & 11]
Lenny Hambro - as
Eddie Costa - p
Sal Salvador - g
Clyde Lombardi - b
Harold Granowsky - dr
[# 5-7, 10 & 12]
Lenny Hambro - as
Eddie Costa - p
Barry Galbraith - g
Arnold Fishkin - b
Gus Johnson - dr

Recorded  in New York City ; May 9 [# 1, 2 & 9] & 10 [# 10  3, 4, 8 & 11], 1956 ; December 17, 1956 [# 5-7, 10 & 12]


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