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Kenny Burrell - Bluesin' Around

Released for the first time on this 1983 LP, the music on the set features guitarist Kenny Burrell in quartet/quintets with either tenor great Illinois Jacquet, trombonist Eddie Bert or altoist Leo Wright and either pianist Hank Jones or organist Jack McDuff. It is odd that Columbia did not issue any of the straightahead music at the time, considering McDuff's popularity, for the results, even with a few dated numbers such as "Mambo Twist," are excellent. After a short while, this LP went out of print and it took many years to appear on CD.
Scott Yanow

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Kenny Burrell
Bluesin' Around


1 Mambo Twist (Burrell) 5:06
2 The Switch (Burrell) 3:04
3 The Squeeze (Burrell) 4:17
4 Bluesin' Around (Burrell) 3:42
5 Bye and Bye (Traditional) 2:50
6 Moten Swing (Moten) 6:20
7 People Will Say We're in Love (Hammerstein, Rodgers) 3:41
8 One Mint Julep (Toombs) 3:25
9 Mood Indigo (Bigard, Ellington, Mills) 4:40

[# 1 & 2]
Kenny Burrell - g
Illinois Jacquet - s
Hank Jones - p
Major Holley - b
Osie Johnson - dr
Recorded in New York ; November 21, 1961
[# 3, 5 & 9]
Same as above except Jimmy Crawford replaces Johnson - dr
Recorded in New York ; November 29, 1961
[# 4]
Kenny Burrell - g
Eddie Bert - tb
Hank Jones - p
George Duvivier - b
Louis Hayes - dr
Recorded in New York ; March 6, 1962
[# 6-8]
Kenny Burrell - g
Leo Wright - as
Jack McDuff - org
Joe Dukes - dr
Recorded in New York ; April 30, 1962


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