Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jim Hall - Panorama : Live at the Village Vanguard

Jim Hall's previous two Telarcs, Dialogues and Textures, were so adventurous and out-of-perceived-character that this compendium of small-group live dates at the Village Vanguard might seem like a step backwards at a superficial glance. But there is enterprise here too, as the cool, mellow-toned Hall grafts a revolving door full of guest soloists onto his rhythm section (Scott Colley, bass; Terry Clarke, drums), each one of whom offers a different slant on what jazz ought to be. Among the pianists, Kenny Barron's response to the challenge is straight-ahead bebop on "The Answer Is Yes" and a graceful duet with Hall on "Something to Wish For," while Geoff Keezer takes a more contemporary two-fisted approach. Trombonist Slide Hampton inspires a looser feeling in the rhythm section at a relaxed tempo on "Entre Nous" and some loosey-goosey swing on "No You Don't!," but trumpeter Art Farmer sounds rather limp in "Little Blues." The free-minded alto of Greg Osby is the man most capable of pushing Hall a bit outside of his usual game, as well as provoking the bass and drums, on "Furnished Flats" and "Painted Pig." One can only imagine the fascination of the habitually superattentive patrons of the Vanguard at all of this diversity.
Richard S. Ginell

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Jim Hall
Live at the Village Vanguard


1 Pan-O-Rama 8:21
2 Little Blues 9:03
3 The Answer Is Yes 9:09
4 Entre Nous 4:23
5 Furnished Flats 6:50
6 Something to Wish For 4:45
7 No You Don't 6:40
8 Painted Pig 7:34
9 Here Comes Jane 6:55

All Compositions by Jim Hall

Jim Hall - g
Kenny Baron - p
Art Farmer - flghrn
Slide Hampton - tb
Geoff Keezer - p
Greg Osby - as
Scott Colley - b
Terry Clarke - dr

Recorded in The Village Vanguard, New York City ; December 4-8, 1996


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