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Howard McGhee - Chonological Classics (1946-1948)

This two-year examination of McGhee's recorded work finds the trumpeter performing dates from the West Coast to New York and Chicago. The playing is stellar, and the bands feature notables like Dodo Marmarosa, James Moody, Hank Jones, Ray Brown, J.C. Heard, Milt Jackson, and Percy Heath. Highlights include "Midnight at Minton's," "Up in Dodo's Room," "Night Mist," "Messin' With Fire," and "Bass C Jam." A nice chunk of McGhee's best work.
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Howard McGhee
Chonological Classics


1 Dialated Pupils (McGhee, Parker) 2:57
2 Midnight at Minton's (McGhee) 3:01
3 Up in Dodo's Room (McGhee) 3:16
4 High Wind in Hollywood [52nd Street Theme] (McGhee) 2:39
5 Dorothy (McGhee) 3:06
6 Night Mist (McGhee) 2:50
7 Coolie-Rini (McGhee) 2:52
8 Night Music (McGhee) 3:27
9 Turnip Blood (McGhee) 2:48
10 Surrender (McGhee) 3:03
11 Sleepwalker Boogie (McGhee) 3:24
12 Stop Time Blues (McGhee) 2:44
13 You (McGhee) 2:43
14 Hot and Mellow (Yardbird Suite) (Parker) 2:47
15 Messin' With Fire [Donna Lee] (Parker) 2:14
16 Merry Lee (McGhee) 2:07
17 Short Life* (McGhee) 1:58
18 Talk of the Town* (Cohn, Kahn) 2:52
19 Bass C Jam* [Stompin' at the Savoy] (Byas) 2:59
20 Down Home (McGhee) 2:47

[# 1-4]
Howard McGhee - tp
Teddy Edwards - ts
Dodo Marmarosa - p
Arv Garrison - g
Bob Kesterson - b
Roy Porter - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles ; October 18, 1946
[# 5-13]
Howard McGhee - tp
James Moody - ts
Milt Jackson - vb
Hank Jones - p
Ray Brown - b
J. C. Heard - dr
Recorded in New York ; December 3, 1947
[# 14-15]
Howard McGhee - tp
Jimmy Heath - as
Milt Jackson - vb
Will Davis - p
Percy Heath - b
Joe Harris - dr
Earl Coleman - vl
Recorded in Chicago ; February, 1948
[# 16-20]
Howard McGhee - tp
Jimmy Heath - as & bs*
Will Davis - p
Percy Heath - b
Joe Harris - dr
Recorded same as above


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