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Herbie Mann & Buddy Collette - Flute Fraternity

In the 1950s, Herbie Mann frequently shared the spotlight on record dates with other flutists. This V.S.O.P. LP, a reissue of a set originally for Mode and also out for awhile on Premier, matches Mann (who here also plays piccolo, clarinet and tenor) with Buddy Collette (switching between flute, clarinet, tenor and alto) in a quintet with pianist Jimmy Rowles, bassist Buddy Clark and drummer Mel Lewis. The results are generally pleasing, if somewhat lightweight, with such obscure tunes as "Here's Buddy," Rowles' "Pop Melody," "Here's Pete" and Mann's "Theme from 'Theme From'" alternating with three standards and Chico Hamilton's "Morning After." The most interesting aspect to this lightly swinging music is the constant switching around of the lead voices on their various horns.
Scott Yanow

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Herbie Mann 
Buddy Collette
Flute Fraternity


1 Herbie's Buddy (Mann)  4:08
2 Perdido (Drake, Lengsfelder, Tizol)  4:13
3 Baubles, Bangles and Beads (Forrest, Wright)  4:20
4 Give a Little Whistle (Harline, Washington)  3:35
5 Here's Pete (Rugolo)  2:40
6 Theme from "Theme From" (Mann)  6:44
7 Nancy (With the Laughing Face) (Silvers, VanHeusen)  3:57
8 Morning After (Mann)  2:38


Herbie Mann - fl, alt. fl, cl & ts
Buddy Collette - fl, alt. fl, cl, as & ts
Jimmy Rowles - p & clst
Buddy Clark - b
Mel Lewis - dr

Recorded in Hollywood, California ; July 1957


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