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Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker - Original Tentet & Quartet

The Original Gerry Mulligan Tentet & Quartet is a reissue on Gene Norman's GNP/Crescendo label. Norman originally produced the sessions in 1953, but the music contained on this CD sounds timeless. A natural extension of Tadd Dameron's bop arranging for big band/big band arranging for small group concept, this album features one of Dameron's compositions ("Lady Bird"), along with a handful of standards: a Miles Davis original and eight Mulligan compositions that truly represent the West Coast style in both sound and spirit. A young but exciting Chet Baker is heard throughout on trumpet; other West Coast notables include Bud Shank, Pete Candoli, and Chico Hamilton, and the entire ensemble performs admirably. For those interested in the '50s West Coast scene, or new fans looking for quintessential Gerry Mulligan, look no further than Tentet & Quartet.
Gregg Juke

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  Gerry Mulligan 
Chet Baker
The Original Gerry Mulligan Tentet & Quartet


1 Westwood Walk (Mulligan) 2:33
2 Simbah (Mulligan) 2:57
3 Walking Shoes (Mulligan) 3:37
4 Rocker (Mulligan) 2:27
5 A Ballad (Mulligan) 2:53
6 Taking a Chance on Love (Duke, Fetter, Latouche) 2:50
7 Flash (Mulligan) 3:14
8 Ontet (Mulligan) 3:14
9 Varsity Drag (Brown, DeSylva, Henderson) 2:20
10 Speak Low (Brunner, Nash, Tate, Weil) 2:09
11 Half Nelson (Davis) 3:00
12 Lady Bird (Dameron, Parker) 4:28
13 Love Me or Leave Me (Donaldson, Kahn) 3:25
14 Swing House (Mulligan) 3:18

Gerry Mulligan - bs & p
Chet Baker - tp
Bud Shank - as
Don Davison - bs
Pete Candoli - tp
John Graas - fr hrn
Bob Enevoldsen - tb
Ray Seigel - tb
Joe Mondragon - b
Chico Hamilton - dr
Gerry Mulligan - bs
Chet Baker - tp
Carson Smith - b
Larry Bunker - dr

Recorded in the early 1950's.


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