Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Elmo Hope Trio & Sextet

Homecoming ! is a particularly high-spirited record for this stage in Hope's troubled career. Following an extended stay in Los Angeles, a number of the day's top players helped welcome a refreshed Hope back to New York on this session. Tenor saxophonists Frank Foster and Jimmy Heath, as well as trumpeter Blue Mitchell, form the front line on the sextet numbers, while on all tracks Hope is joined by the rhythm section of Percy Heath and Philly Joe Jones. Four of the album's (original) seven tracks are sextet performances and the two alternate takes only appear on the Fantasy Original Jazz Classics CD reissue. The Dameronesque bop numbers sizzle and weave and the tenor work of Frank Foster is especially rewarding on the album's bouncing opener, "Moe, Jr.," take four on the CD. The three ballads are equally fresh and less doom-ridden than comparable performances found elsewhere in his catalog. Expect fine performances by all. This great hard bop record is highly recommended.
Brandon Burke

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Elmo Hope
Homecoming !


1 Moe, Jr. [Take 4] (Hope) 5:56
2 Moe, Jr.* [Take 2] (Hope) 4:41
3 La Berthe (Hope) 3:14
4 Eyes So Beautiful as Yours (Hope) 6:33
5 Homecoming (Hope) 5:15
6 One Mo' Blues (Hope) 6:48
7 A Kiss for My Love [Takes 4 & 5] (Hope) 5:33
8 A Kiss for My Love* [take 4] (Hope) 5:39
9 Imagination (Burke, VanHeusen) 6:43

* Bonus tracks

[# 1, 2, 4, 7 & 8] ELMO HOPE SEXTET
Blue Mitchell - tp
Jimmy Heath & Frank Foster - ts
Elmo Hope - p
Percy Heath - b
Philly Joe Jones - dr
Recorded in New York City ; June 22, 1961
[# 3, 5, 6, & 9] ELMO HOPE TRIO
Elmo Hope - p
Percy Heath - b
Philly Joe Jones - dr
Recorded in New York City ; June 29, 1961


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This is another artist I have heard of but have not really listened to much. Thank you Mel!

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Elmo, Jimmy Heath, Frank Foster - Another great post - Thanks, Mel

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Thanks Melanchthon. Very Interested in hearing this one, especially with Jimmy & Frank on-board.

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Another beauty. THANKS.

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I thought I had most of Elmo Hope's oeuvre, so this is a pleasant surprise. Many thanks.