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Eddie Harris - Exodus to Jazz/Mighty Like a Rose

This Vee Jay two-fer reissues Eddie Harris' first two albums, the surprise hit Exodus to Jazz and the similar-sounding follow-up Mighty Like a Rose. One of the biggest hit jazz LPs of the post-rock & roll era, Exodus to Jazz seemed to come completely out of left field. It was the debut album by a previously unknown artist from an underpublicized scene in Chicago, and it was released on the primarily R&B-oriented Vee Jay label. The impetus for its breakthrough was equally unlikely; Harris adapted Ernest Gold's stately, somber theme from the Biblical film "Exodus" into a laid-back jazz tune. Its stunning popularity sent jazz critics into a tizzy — after all, if it was that accessible to a mass audience, there just had to be something wrong with it, didn't there ? In hindsight, the answer is no. Exodus to Jazz is full of concise, easy-swinging grooves that maintain the appealing quality of the strikingly reimagined title track (particularly Harris' four originals). Far removed from his later, funkier days, Harris plays a cool-toned tenor that owes its biggest debt to Stan Getz's bop recordings, though there are touches of soul-jazz as well. One can hardly blame Harris for taking essentially the same approach on the follow-up Mighty Like a Rose ; it's not every day that a jazz artist's debut LP makes him a million-selling star overnight. There are only two Harris originals this time around; the rest of the repertoire is mostly standards, plus another movie theme adaptation — this time of "Spartacus." It's all well-executed, and Harris' command of the highest ranges of his instrument is as lovely as ever. Since these two sessions are very much of a piece, their pairing on a two-fer makes perfect sense, and results in the best available way to hear Harris' early sound.
Steve Huey

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Eddie Harris
Exodus to Jazz
Mighty Like a Rose


1 Exodus (Gold)  6:39
2 Alicia (Harris)  3:38
3 Gone Home (Harris)  2:53
4 A.T.C. (Harris)  5:31
5 A.M. Blues (Harris, Pickens)  2:45
6 Little Girl Blue (Hart, Rodgers)  3:20
7 Velocity (Harris)  5:07
8 W.P. (Pickens)  4:31
9 My Buddy (Donaldson, Kahn)  5:33
10 Willow Weep for Me (Ronell)  3:49
11 Spartacus (North)  4:35
12 Mighty Like a Rose (Nevin, Stanton)  2:06
13 God Bless the Child (Herzog, Holiday)  3:48
14 Sally T. (Harris)  3:34
15 Fontessa (Lewis)  5:19
16 There is No Time (Harris)  2:14


Eddie Harris - ts
Joseph Diorio - g
Willie Pickens - p
William Yancey - b
Harold Jones - dr

Recorded in Chicago ; January 17 [# 1-8] & April 14 [# 9-16], 1961


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By the way, I'm looking for the GREAT album "Sonny Stitt - My Main Man" in LOSSLESS only, if anyone has this one, email me.

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hi mom (mother's day in usa)..oh she'll never see this...thanks for eddie

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