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Classic Music for Brass album

In the mid-'50s Gunther Schuller came up with the term "Third Stream" to describe the musical experiments of the time that sought to combine together jazz and classical music. This CD has all of the contents from the earlier LP The Birth of the Third Stream and four of the six numbers (leaving out two advanced classical pieces) from Modern Jazz Concert. Those two albums were among the first and most publicizied of the Third Stream recordings. Strangely enough the orchestra utilized is essentially a large brass band with plenty of trumpets, trombones, French horns and baritone horns but at the most only a few woodwinds and no violins, violas or cellos at all. The most famous of the works are two that featured Miles Davis and preceded Miles Ahead ("Three Little Feelings" and "Poem for Brass") and George Russell's "All About Rosie" (which puts the focus on pianist Bill Evans). The other selections include Charles Mingus' "Revelations" and two compositions apiece by Jimmy Giuffre and Gunther Schuller. Although the short-lived Third Stream movement would be less influential than expected and would soon be overshadowed by free jazz, the music is still quite intriguing to hear four decades later.
Scott Yanow

Source :

The Birth of the Third Stream
The Classic
Music for Brass album (1956)
Four Compositions Commissoned by
the Brandeis University Festival of the Arts
Modern Jazz Concert (1957)
Conducted by Gunther Schuller
(except as indicated)


1 Three Little Feelings
Of Hope/From the Heart/Majesty (John Lewis) 10:40
2 Poem for Brass
Sonnet for Brass/Ballad for Joe/Meter and Metal/Final (J.J. Johnson) 9:53
3 All About Rosie (George Russell) 10:41
4 Revelations (First Movement) (Charles Mingus) 12:01
5 Suspensions (Jimmy Giuffre) 6:00
6 Symphony for Brass and Percussion
Andante-Allegro/Scherzo/Lento/Quas (Gunther Schuller) 17:15
7 Transformation (Gunther Schuller 5:57
8 Pharaoh (Jimmy Giuffre) 4:28

Featuring Gunther Schuller, Teddy Charles, Barry Galbraith, Hal McKusick, John LaPorta, Teo Macero, Art Farmer, Miles Davis, Joe Wilder, Milt Hinton, Joe Benjamin, Bill Evans, Jimmy Knepper, Osie Johnson, Charles Mingus, etc...

Recorded between June 14, 1956 & June 16, 1958


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