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Clark Terry & Jimmy Hamilton (feat. Barry Galbraith)

With the exception of three songs cut as V-Discs in 1947, this set contains flugelhornist Clark Terry's first recordings as a leader. Joined by trombonist Jimmy Cleveland, baritonist Cecil Payne, pianist Horace Silver, Oscar Pettiford on cello, bassist Wendell Marshall, and drummer Art Blakey, Terry performs eight obscure songs that are arranged quite expertly by Quincy Jones. Terry sounds much more influenced by Dizzy Gillespie than he would in just a couple of years, but his good-humored musical personality and control of his horn were already obvious. With Pettiford offering occasional cello solos (in addition to playing second bass) and Cleveland in top form, this is an LP long overdue to be reissued on CD
Scott Yanow

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Clark Terry
The New York Jazz Quintet


1 Swahili (Jones) 6:07
2 Double Play (Jones) 3:33
3 Slow Boat (Henderson, Terry) 4:28
4 Co-Op (Terry) 3:45
5 Kitten (Terry) 5:35
6 The Countess (Green, Terry) 6:42
7 Tuma (Jones) 3:06
8 Chuckles (Terry) 4:19
9 Bohemia After Dark (Pettiford) 3:51
10 I Get a Kick out of You (Porter) 4:31
11 Blues in My Room (Hamilton) 6:11
12 I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Fields, McHugh) 4:38
13 Chuckles (Terry) 2:43
14 Blues for Clarinet (Hamilton) 4:00
15 Solitude (Ellington) 5:24
16 What Am I Here For (Ellington) 4:41

[# 1-8]
Clark Terry - tp
Jimmy Cleveland - tb
Cecil Payne - bs
Horace Silver - p
Oscar Pettiford - cel & b [# 2, 4, 5, 7 & 8]
Wendell Marshall - b [# 1, 3 & 6]
Art Blakey - dr
Quincy Jones - arr
Recorded at Fine Studio Recording, New York City ; January 3 [# 1-4] & January 4 [# 5-8], 1955.
[# 9-16]
Clark Terry - tp
Jimmy Hamilton - cl
Barry Galbraith - g
Oscar Pettiford - b
Sidney Gross - rhth g
Osie Johnson - dr
Recorded in New York City ; December 1954.


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Big names here besides Clark Terry & Jimmy Hamilton, like Cleveland, extrordinare trombonist and Pettiford, marvelous always on his solos.
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