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Charlie Mariano & Jerry Dodgion Sextet - Beauties Of 1918

Pianist Russ Freeman, who produced this record, related it this way : “The last time we were (with Shelly Manne’s quintet) in San Francisco, we went to blow at some motel on the outskirts of town one afternoon. There were some other musicians there; we took turns playing. Jerry (Dodgion) was there. The afternoon wound up with Charlie and Jerry playing the blues with a rhythm section for about twenty minutes. It was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had, and I wasn’t even playing! The co-leaders, both “hard” saxists in style, reflect their capable mastery of the work of those they admire. Dodgion likes Phil Woods, and Mariano is more closely Parkerish. “I hear Charlie every night on my band,” said Shelly Manne, “and his melodic sense never ceases to amaze me. His lines are beautiful and he solos with great continuity.”

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Charlie Mariano
Jerry Dodgion
Beauties Of 1918


1 After You've Gone (Creamer, Layton)  4:49
2 When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Lambert)  5:13
3 Deep River (Burleigh)  5:40
4 Till We Meet Again (Egan, Whiting)  4:15
5 KKK-Katy (O'Hara)  5:27
6 'Til The Clouds Roll By (Kern, Bolton, Wodelhouse)  2:39
7 Over There (Cohan)  4:22
8 Ja-Da (Carelton)  4:17
9 Hello, Central, Give No Man's Land (Lewis, Young, Swartz)  3:57
10 Vamp's Blues (Mariano)  7:05

Charlie Mariano - fl, sa & ss
Jerry Dodgion - as & fl
Victor Feldman - vb
Jimmy Rowles - p
Monty Budwig - b
Shelly Manne - dr

Recorded at Radio Recorders, Los Angeles, California ; December 10 & 11, 1957


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