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Bobby Jaspar with George Wallington

This CD reissue, which adds "The Fuzz" to the original six-song LP, is a fine showcase for Bobby Jaspar and acts as an excellent introduction to his playing. A mellow-toned tenor and a fluent flutist who was quite bop-oriented, Jaspar is featured with pianist George Wallington, bassist Wilbur Little, drummer Elvin Jones, and (on three numbers) trumpeter Idrees Sulieman. The majority of the tunes (other than "My Old Flame" and "All of You") are originals by group members, straight-ahead tunes with good blowing changes. Recommended.
Scott Yanow

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Bobby Jaspar
George Wallington and Idrees Sulieman


1 Seven Up (Jaspar)  9:00
2 My Old Flame (Coslow, Johnston)  6:01
3 All of You (Porter)  5:55
4 Doublemint (Sulieman)  6:52
5 Before Dawn (Wallington)  6:14
6 Sweet Blanche (Wallington)  5:40
7 The Fuzz [*] (Jaspar)  6:12


Bobby Jaspar - ts & fl [# 2 & 6 only]
Idrees Sulieman - tp [# 1, 4-5]
George Wallington - p
Wilbur Little - b
Elvin Jones - dr

Recorded in New York City ; May 23 & 28, 1957.


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