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The Modern Sounds Of A.K. Salim

A.K. Salim (Ahmad Khatab Atkinson) was an ex-reed man who retired from playing in 1943 to arrange and compose for several jazz and Afro- Cuban bands. This 2-CD set draws together all the recordings he did as a leader for Savoy Records in 1957-1958. Most of his work here reflects Salim’s deep knowledge of blues and his arranger’s talent for setting down relatively simple lines combining down home traditionalism with harmonic sophistication. His unpretentious arrangements have an unmistakably visceral quality and offer a fine framework for the eloquently powerful soloists of both reed and brass sections. Some of the greatest modern jazz pianists, bassists and drummers round out the rhythm, along with guitar in a few tracks, in both support and solo capacities, while the presence of a conga blends well with the Latino-flavored charts in what is, overall, a satisfying and thoroughly swinging collection.

Source :

A.K. Salim
The Modern Sounds Of
A.K. Salim
Complete Savoy Recordings



Cd. 1

1 Duo-Flautists  2:45
2 Miltown Blues  7:20
3 Ballin’ Blues  3:23
4 Pretty Baby  4:57
5 Lopin’  2:51
6 Talk That Talk  4:11
7 Black Talk  3:38
8 D Minor Dipper  5:16
9 Dejeuner  6:20
10 A Private Cloud  4:40
11 June Is Bustin’ Out All Over  3:07
12 Blu-Binsky  6:12
13 R.U.1.2.  8:00

All Compositions by A. K. Salim,
except # 11 by Rodgers-Hammerstein II

Cd. 2

1 Shirley Ray  6:03
2 Ba-Lu-Ee-Du  5:48
3 Pretty For The People  8:05
4 Takin’ Care Of Business  5:24
5 Pay Day  3:55
6 Joy Box  6:03
7 Full Moon  5:11
8 Blue Baby  3:36
9 The Sultan  4:24
10 Blue Shout  3:23
11 Dikie How Long Baby  4:59

All Compositions by A. K. Salim

Feat. Joe Wilder, Johnny Coles, Jimmy Nottingham, Kenny Dorham, Nat Adderley, Frank Rehak, Buster Cooper, Marshall Royal, Phil Woods, Frank Wess, Herbie Mann, Sheldon Powell, Johnny Griffin, Howard Austin, Charlie Fowlkes, Pepper Adams, Sahib Shihab, Kenny Burrell, Hank Jones, Tommy Flanagan, Wynton Kelly, Wendell Marshall, George Duvivier, Paul Chambers, Bobby Donaldson, Osie Johnson, Max Roach, Philly Joe Jones, Chino Pozo, etc...

Recorded in Hackensack, New Jersey ; between 1957 & 1958.


Kndnsk said...

I don't know anything about him. Thanks, melanchthon.

Boston Crap said...

Thank you! Any luck with the RS link for Ernie Henry's "Seven Standards and a Blues"?

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I'm aware of some arrangements that Salim wrote for the Basie and Gillespie big bands but I've never heard any of this stuff. Many thanks!

blbs said...

Totalmente nuevo para mi.
Mil gracias, Mel!

Terry said...

Congratulations Mel, you are on a roll with the recent post of some oddities. First there was the Billy Ver Planck record & now, AK Salim. I had never heard of either of these gentlemen but what great musicians they have cobbled together to record- in particular, one of my favourites, Joe Wilder who features on both albums.

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Thank you, Mel !

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Thanks Mel, great album, really did not know him, but upon hearing it only produces pleasure, as I have said elsewhere, your taste is fine.

Greetings from Chile.

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amazing! thanks so much, one thinks one knows jazz of a certain era and then melancthon comes along . . .

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I'm very happy to get a chance to hear this unknown to me artist. Thanks for yet another introduction to an artist I wouldn't find any place else Mel!

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What a marverlous post. Thank you Mel!

Tape You Certain Songs said...

I've been listening to Afro Soul/Drum Orgy for years, but all the rest of this is new to me, and smoking stuff - thank you so much for sharing!

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Great post! Thank you very much.

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This is new to me. Thank you for sharing.

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I have to admit he's new to me too - but looks as if he shouldn't have been.

Thx once again Mel!

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Looks like a good one. Thank you, Me!

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As always, many thanks for your incredible blog!

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file disc 2 part3 it's not OK..... it just extract 2 tracks...can you fix it please ?
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Cecilio said...

Thanks for sharing, I knew this musician and arranger, I have problems with the pass to decompress the file

Cecilio said...

thanks for sharing, I knew this musician and arranger, I have problems with the key to decompress the file

Cecilio said...

thanks for sharing, I knew this musician and arranger, I have problems with the key to decompress the file

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Thank you for your blog

jerrygafr said...

Can ypou please reupload?

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