Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Martin Taylor & Peter Ind - Triple Libra

One of Martin Taylor's earliest recordings as a leader is this 1979 duo session with bassist Peter Ind for Ind's Wave label. Though they were several decades apart in age, the promising young guitarist meshed well with his seasoned partner, who had studied with Lennie Tristano and played with greats like Lee Konitz and Coleman Hawkins before returning to England. Their introspective setting of Chick Corea's lively "Senor Mouse" includes a long, deliberate interlude in the midst of the piece, while their intimate, relaxed arrangement of Corea's "Windows" is equally appealing. They also master Pat Metheny's quirky "Bright Size Life" with its rapid-fire unison lines. Ind contributed one original, the challenging "Waiting," while Taylor's five originals are highlighted by the spacy "Green Eyes" and the infectious blues "Triple Libra."
Ken Dryden

Source :

Martin Taylor 
Peter Ind
Triple Libra


1 Manhattan Tea Party (Taylor)  5:36
2 Senor Mouse (Corea)  5:34
3 Ginger (Taylor)  3:41
4 Triple Libra (Taylor, Ind)  6:03
5 Windows (Corea)  7:44
6 Bright Size Life (Metheny)  5:03
7 Waiting (Ind)  3:27
8 Green Eyes (Taylor)  5:55


Martin Taylor - g
Peter Ind - b

Recorded in April 1979


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