Friday, December 29, 2017

Leroy Vinnegar Walks !

On this reissue CD of a Contemporary set (bassist Leroy Vinnegar's first as a leader), six of the seven songs have the word "walk" in their title, including "Would You Like to Take a Walk," "Walkin' My Baby Back Home," "I'll Walk Alone," and Vinnegar's original "Walk On." Vinnegar actually does not take much solo space and generously features his talented sidemen: vibraphonist Victor Feldman, trumpeter Gerald Wilson, tenor saxophonist Teddy Edwards, pianist Carl Perkins, and drummer Tony Bazley. A fine, straight-ahead session.
Scott Yanow

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Leroy Vinnegar
Leroy Walks


1 Walk On (Vinnegar)  8:23
2 Would You Like to Take a Walk ? (Dixon, Rose, Warren)  6:52
3 On the Sunny Side of the Street (Fields, McHugh)  5:37
4 Walkin' (Carpenter)  6:24
5 Walkin' My Baby Back Home (Ahlert, Turk)  4:47
6 I'll Walk Alone (Cahn, Styne)  3:30
7 Walking by the River (Carlisle, Sour)  5:33


Leroy Vinnegar - b
Victor Feldman - vb
Gerald Wilson - tp
Teddy Edwards - ts
Carl Perkins - p
Tony Bazley - dr

Recorded at Contemorary's Studio, Los Angeles ; July 15, 1957  [# 1 & 4] ; September 16, 1957 [# 3, 5 & 6] ; September 23, 1957 [# 2 & 7]


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this vinegar is sweet

moxnix said...

Been listening to Walks Again the last few weeks and searched for a good rip of this one with no luck. Then, like magic, here it is, looking forward to it very much, thank you for taking the time!

Shas said...

May I request a re-up at your convenience? TIA

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Vinnegar is always reliable, and the group he assembled here is fantastic! Thank you very much!

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What a beautiful lineup of fine, fine souls. Thank you dear MM.

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Great music.

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