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Leroy Vinnegar Walks Again !!

The follow-up to Leroy Vinnegar's first Contemporary album, this CD reissue matches the excellent bassist (who is mostly content to back the other soloists) with trumpeter Freddy Hill, tenor saxophonist Teddy Edwards, Victor Feldman on piano and vibes and drummer Ron Jefferson for four of the seven selections; the other numbers also use Hill and Edwards along with pianist Mike Melvoin, vibraphonist Roy Ayers (at the beginning of his career) and drummer Milt Turner. The set (which has three originals by Vinnegar, Edwards' "Wheelin' and Dealin'," Don Nelson, Les McCann and Freddie Hubbard in addition to the one standard "I'll String Along with You") helps define the modern mainstream of the early '60s, when cool jazz was being replaced by hard bop.
Scott Yanow

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Leroy Vinnegar
Walks Again !!


1 Hard to Find (Vinnegar)  6:48
2 Down Under (Hubbard)  4:34
3 I'll String Along With You (Dubin, Warren)  4:08
4 Subway Grate (Vinnegar)  5:39
5 Restin' in Jail (McCann)  4:26
6 Motherland (Nelson)  5:36
7 For Carl (Vinnegar)  5:58
8 Wheelin' and Dealin' (Edwards)  4:11


Leroy Vinnegar - b
Teddy Edwards - ts
Freddy Hill - tp
Victor Feldman - p & vb [# 1, 3-6 only]
Mike Melvoin - p
Roy Ayers - vb
Ron Jefferson or Milt Turner - dr

Recorded at Contemporary's Studio, Los Angeles ; [# 1, 3-6] August 1, 1962 & March 5, 1963 [# 2, 7 & 8]


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