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Kenny Burrell - For Charlie Christian & Benny Goodman

Kenny Burrell's tribute to Charlie Christian and Benny Goodman covers 11 of the songs they recorded together, but doesn't make the mistake of trying to sound anything like their historic recordings during their short time performing together. The guitarist is joined by a first-rate group, including Phil Woods on alto sax and clarinet, bassist Ron Carter, drummer Grady Tate, and vibraphonist Mike Maneri. Burrell is the only soloist on a soft bossa nova treatment of "As Long As I Live" and the lightly swinging "I Surrender Dear." Things pick up a bit with a driving arrangement of "Stompin' at the Savoy," as Woods' brash alto briefly grabs the spotlight in exchanges with the leader, while Woods switches to clarinet for the snappy blues "A Smooth One" (which also adds Richard Wyands on piano) and the foot-patting "Moonglow." Burrell kicks into high gear for one of Goodman's most requested numbers, the always exciting "Seven Come Eleven," which also has a brief understated vibes solo by Maneri. This release was titled A Generation Ago Today when it first appeared on LP, but was retitled for its CD reissue, which contains three tracks omitted from the original record, and it is well worth acquiring by fans of Kenny Burrell.
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Kenny Burrell
For Charlie Christian
Benny Goodman
(aka A Generation Ago Today)


1 As Long as I Live (Arlen, Koehler)  2:40
2 Poor Butterfly (Golden, Hubbell)  5:45
3 Stompin' at the Savoy (Goodman, Razaf, Sampson, Webb)  6:06
4 I Surrender, Dear (Barris, Clifford)  4:45
5 Rose Room (Hickman, Williams)  5:30
6 If I Had You (Campbell, Connelly, Shapiro)  2:38
7 A Smooth One (Goodman)  4:01
8 Wholly Cats (Goodman)  2:41
9 Seven Come Eleven [#] (Christian, Goodman)  3:59
10 Moonglow [#] (DeLange, Hudson, Mills)  3:12
11 Flying Home [#] (Goodman, Hampton, Robin)  3:47

[#] Bonus
Previously unreleased

Kenny Burrell - g
Phil Woods - as & cl [# 8 & 10]
Ron Carter - b
Grady Tate - dr
Mike Mainieri - vb [#1, 10 & 11]
Richard Wyands - p [# 8]

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey ; December 15 & 20, 1966 ; January 31, 1967 & March 28, 1967


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Kenny Burrell - For Charlie Christian & Benny Goodman (1967)

This album is a real gem.

I liked these tunes when Christian & Goodman did them. Burrell's take is equally enjoyable, and benefits from improved recording technology.

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