Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kenny Burrell with Frank Wess

Although the original LP was reissued under guitarist Kenny Burrell's name, it was originally led by Frank Wess, who is heard doubling on flute and tenor. With the assistance of Burrell, rhythm guitarist Freddie Green, bassist Eddie Jones and either Kenny Clarke or Gus Johnson on drums, Wess is in excellent form on a set very reminiscent (not too surprisingly considering the personnel) of the Count Basie band. Wess contributed four of the songs, Burrell brought in "Southern Exposure" and the quintet also plays "Over the Rainbow" and the obscure "Woolafunt's Lament." This is a fine straightahead date, with Wess's flute taking solo honors.
Scott Yanow

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:hzfwxqtgldhe

Kenny Burrell 
Frank Wess
Monday Stroll


1 Monday Stroll (Wess) 4:21
2 East Wind* (Burrell) 5:14
3 Wess Side* (Wess) 5:01
4 Southern Exposure* (Burrell) 6:49
5 Woolafunt's Lament (Wess) 7:05
6 Over the Rainbow* (Arlen, Harburg) 6:00
7 Kansas City Side* (Wess) 8:32

Frank Wess - fl & ts
Kenny Burrell - g
Freddie Green - g
Eddie Jones - b
Kenny Clarke* - dr
Gus Johnson - dr

Recorded December 17, 1956 & January 5, 1957 [# 1-5]


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Mel, this is a great session. Highly recommended!

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Kenny Burrell & Frank Wess - Monday Stroll (1957)

This is great. Frank Wess cooks. And having that 2nd guitar behind Kenny Burrell really fills out the sound.

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Thank you very much for this one, Melanchthon. Nice cover too.

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This one sounds very interesting!
Thanks (as usual) for sharing and exposing such great music. :-)

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Many thanks, Mel ! I had a poor vinyl copy ..... Now, i have the Flac one.