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Wes Montgomery & Billy Taylor - Navy Swing

This release includes a rare session led by West Montgomery in 1963. The date was recorded in New York on November 1963 and features the solid drumming of Montgomery's long-time contemporary Grady Tate as well as the tasteful playing of pianist Billy Taylor. The group is rounded out by bassist Ben Tucker and drummer Grady Tate with a special guest appearance by jazz vocal giant Joe Williams. An excellent studio date.

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Wes Montgomery
Navy Swing


1 There Will Never Be Another You (Gordon, Warren)  3:08
2 More I See You (Gordon, Warren)  2:09
3 It's a Grand Night for Swinging (Taylor)  2:25
4 A Bientot (Taylor)  2:50
5 Capricious (Taylor)  2:02
6 Body and Soul (Eyton, Heyman, Sour, Green)  2:20
7 Paraphase (Taylor)  1:57
8 Freedom (Taylor)  3:08
9 Let's Make the Most of a Beautiful Thing (Corda, Wilson)  2:48
10 More Than Likely (Cordes)  1:43
11 Have a Good Time (Bryant, Bryant)  2:21
12 Until I Met You (Wolf, Green)  2:37
13 I Won't Cry Anymore (Wise, Frisch)  3:29
14 S' Posin' (Razaf, Denniker)  2:11
15 All My Life (Mitchell, Stept)  3:14
16 Alone Together (Diets, Schwartz)  1:39


Wes Montgomery - g
Joe Williams - voc [# 9-16]
Billy Taylor - p
Ben Tucker - b
Grady Tate - dr

Recorded in New York City, radio broadcast, "The Navy Swings", spring 1964 or [November 1963, New York City ?]

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Kndnsk said...

Thank you very much, melanchthon. I only knew a few tracks from this rare sesion.

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rm said...

wow indeed. Merci beaucoup

Frank said...

Can't go wrong with prime Wes Montgomery! Thanks for this rarity!

Luis said...

Thank you for this rare session. I only knew one recorded by Shelly Manne for Navy Swings.

Kovina Kris said...

This would be compelling enough with just the first 8 tracks but throw in one of my favorite jazz vocalists for another 8 tracks with this great band. Fantastic! Merci beaucoup Mel!

Blue Eyes said...

Merci bien Mel for this upgrade !

Rick said...

Wes Montgomery
Navy Swing
thanks for this rare one by one of the greats

johnp said...

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Philo said...

Wes Montgomery - Navy Swing (1963)

This is a nice treat!

A great post.

Interesting to see that they recorded the session in mono. I presume that was because it was intended for radio.

The FCC approved a stereo standard for FM broadcasting in the US in 1961, but it took at least 5 years before most US stations had converted to stereo.

duck said...

Hi Mel, you keep posting the greatest music, many thanks again as always and please keep it up.

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I mean The Complete Riverside Recordings, not this one.

Guelda said...

Wes - Navy Swing

Waow, a live of Wes Montgomery, what a treat ! Excellent playing here and... well, Wes !

Nice vocals by Joe Williams.

Thank you very much Mel for this one

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Fantastic! You seem to have a bottomless(I hope!) pit of EXCELLENT music. THANK YOU.

rog said...

Mel ! Thank you for another Wonderful Wes recording...

OldHippieRick said...

This a kind of a re-lease of Wes Montgomery & The Billy Taylor Trio 1963-65 Lonehill Jazz [LHJ10211] CD 2005 but just missing 4 songs that the Lonehill has.. but a great selection if you do have the above CD remaster ;-)

Jorge del Parque said...

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jazzy62 said...

This was initially released only in Japan in 1997 as Billy & Wes, mega-rar and hugely expensive.


the second link is expired.
Can u please reupload the second part..
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Starchild said...

Many thanks Mel!