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Sonny Sitt Plays the Blues

This 1997 CD releases all of the music recorded by Sonny Stitt (who stuck to alto for the date) on Oct. 11, 1957. The original four songs teamed Stitt with trumpeter Roy Eldridge, pianist Oscar Peterson, guitarist Herb Ellis, bassist Ray Brown, and drummer Stan Levey. Although three of the songs were blues, the most exciting number is ironically the opener, an "I Got Rhythm" run-through on a Stitt original, "The String," that is note for note the same as his "Eternal Triangle." The two horns are quite combative and inspire each other. Not only is Stitt heard on a pair of standards without Eldridge from the same day, but there are 22 minutes of "I Know That You Know," consisting of three full versions, a false start, five breakdowns, an incomplete version, and seven attempts at a coda. The latter serves as proof that more can be less, for there was little reason to release more than one or two versions of the song. [Verve issued an Original Version of the album in 2005.]
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Sonny Stitt
Only the Blues


1 The String (Sonny Stitt)  9:59
2 Cleveland Blues (Sonny Stitt)  12:02
3 B.W. Blues (Boogie Woogie Blues) (Sonny Stitt)  11:35
4 Blues for Bags (Sonny Stitt)  10:38
5 I Didn't Know What Time it Was (Rodgers, Hart)  3:31
6 I Remember You (Schertzinger, Herndon, Mercer)  3:54
7 I Know That You Know (Youmans, Caldwell)  4:39
8 I Know That You Know  4:55
[false start - breakdown, incomplete - breakdown...]
9 I Know That You Know  4:47
10 I Know That You Know  4:55
[coda rehearsal - coda insert take 1 - coda insert take 2 & rehearsal- coda insert take 3
coda insert take 4 - coda insert take 5...]

11 I Know That You Know [composite master take]  3:19


Sonny Stitt - as
Roy Eldridge - tp [delete # 5-10] 
Oscar Peterson - p
Herb Ellis - g
Ray Brown - b
Stan Levey - dr

Recorded at Capitol Studios, Hollywood ; October 11, 1957


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