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Ralph Burns (feat. Jimmy Raney)

Due no doubt to the amount of energy he expended as a composer and arranger in virtually every American mass culture medium, Ralph Burns' legacy as a pianist is extremely small. Therefore, this Leonard Feather-produced small-combo session for Period, divided originally into two ten-inch LPs, should give us some insight into the nuts-and-bolts of what made this arranger tick. As it turns out, these tracks, mostly set at relaxed tempos, reveal a modest man — not a flashy virtuoso, not too anxious to swing (though he can), but mostly content to turn out languorous, complex voicings that occasionally veer toward the lounge. He is willing to experiment at times, dubbing in a second piano part on numbers like the sprightly "Sprang" and the contrapuntal "Perpetual Motion." On hand to help out are bassist Clyde Lombardi, drummer Osie Johnson, and guitarist Jimmy Raney, who also takes a few elegantly turned solos. By far, the best track on the CD is Burns' rollicking, Latinized take on one of his most famous compositions, "Bijou," which has an irreverent change-of-key in the middle of the tune. This irresistible track alone makes this a worthwhile purchase for any fan of the many Woody Herman Herds.
Richard S. Ginell

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Ralph Burns
[feat. Jimmy Raney]


1 Spring Sequence (Burns)  6:12
2 It Might as Well Be Spring (Hammerstein, Rodgers)  4:53
3 Spring Is Here (Hart, Rodgers)  3:36
4 Sprang (Burns)  3:58
5 Echoes of Spring (Hammed, Smith, Williams)  3:47
6 Spring in Naples (Burns)  3:20
7 Gina (Burns)  5:12
8 Autobahn Blues (Burns, Herman)  3:49
9 Lover, Come Back to Me (Hammerstein, Romberg)  5:37
10 Perpetual Motion (Burns)  4:05
11 Bijou (Burns)  4:03


Ralph Burns - p
Jimmy Raney - g
Clyde Lombardi - b
Osie Johnson - dr

Recorded in New York City ; 1955


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There is a controverse about the guitar player on this albums. Some sources mention Jimmy Raney as the guitarrist. A closer listen may sound like Raney. Anyway thanks for it!


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