Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Piano Playhouse

The recordings on this LP were originally supposed to be released by the Mode label in the late '50s but the company went defunct before it could come out. Released for the first time by V.S.O.P. in 1986, these 16 selections (all recorded the same day) feature five different pianists (Carl Perkins, Jimmy Rowles, Paul Smith, Gerald Wiggins and Lou Levy) in fine form on three or four songs apiece. It is interesting to compare the players' similar but individual styles and to see how they adapt their bop-based approaches to the demands of playing solo.
Scott Yanow

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/album/piano-playhouse-r165140

Piano Playhouse
[Lou Levy, Gerald Wiggins, Carl Perkins
Jimmy Rowles & Paul Smith]


1 Lullaby of the Leaves (Perkins) 3:47
2 The Blue (Rowles) 2:27
3 Frankie and Johnny (Wiggins) 2:11
4 Alone Together (Perkins) 2:38
5 Yesterdays (Smith) 4:11
6 Jordu (Rowles) 2:43
7 The Way You Look Tonight (Wiggins) 4:22
8 Flamingo (Levy) 3:26
9 Tea for Two (Levy) 3:19
10 Poor Butterfly (Smith) 3:43
11 That Old Devil Called Love (Rowles) 3:06
12 Summertime (Wiggins) 2:36
13 You Don't Know What Love Is (Perkins) 3:10
14 All the Things You Are (Smith) 4:16
15 My Heart Stood Still (Wiggins) 2:31
16 The Surrey With the Fringe on Top (Levy) 2:49
17 My Funny Valentine (Smith) 3:43
18 Love Letters (Levy) 2:22
19 I've Never Been in Love Before (Perkins) 1:59
20 Laugh, Clown, Laugh (Rowles) 2:25

Carl Perkins - p [# 1, 4, 13 & 19]
Jimmy Rowles - p [# 2, 6, 11 & 20]
 Gerald Wiggins - p [# 3, 7, 12 & 15]
Lou Levy - p [# 8, 9, 16 & 18]
 Paul Smith - p [# 5, 10, 14 & 17]
Recorded in Hollywood, California ; September 13, 1957.


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Wow, Melanchthon!
with such piano players, this must be great!
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johnp said...

Happy to report that it downloaded OK on 2nd time!

Butch Songin said...

Mel, I have to tell you that this is an absolute gem, amongst the best that you've ever shared with us. Paul Smith - largely unsung - is magnificent. I just finished listening to his take on Yesterdays - he could have been channeling Al Haig, and that's a high compliment in my book.

Thanks as always, but particularly for this unusual session.


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Thank you for Piano Playhouse.

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And a cover that looks heavily influenced by the inimitable Bill Box!
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never saw this before. great set of pianists. thanks

Harry said...

A great piano tour de force. Really nice stuff, and will echo the plaudits for Paul Smith. Incredible share, Mel. Many thanks.

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I love solo piano and this looks like a real treasure chest of golden nuggets. Thank you sir!

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