Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lonnie Smith & John Abercrombie

After a long hiatus from the record shelves, the turbaned Dr. Lonnie Smith — along with guitarist John Abercrombie and drummer Marvin "Smitty" Smith — sets his sights upon John Coltrane, turning in five 'Trane tunes plus Mongo Santamaria's "Afro-Blue" and a grooving Smith tribute, "Traces of Trane." The propulsive title track is mostly dominated by Abercrombie, while "Impressions" continues the driving pace as Lonnie sprays Hammond B-3 organ notes all over the place with constant brief call-and-response dialogues with himself. Another highlight is one of the two breathers, the aptly named "Lonnie's Lament," which has a nice haunting lilt. Carelessly left off the label and booklet copy — but embedded in your CD anyway — is any mention of a 12-minute workout on "Greensleeves" in the push-pull, modal Coltrane manner, with a strong hint of Jimmy Smith. Abercrombie usually plays in his veiled, out-of-tempo manner, while "Smitty" is a volatile, hyperkinetic workhorse most of the time, offering a complex individualistic challenge to the Elvin Jones standard.
Richard S. Ginell

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Lonnie Smith 
Afro Blue


1 Afro Blue (Santamaria) 11:49
2 Impressions (Coltrane) 7:50
3 Naima (Coltrane) 3:31
4 Traces of Trane (I Bring Love) (Smith) 8:52
5 Lonnie's Lament (Coltrane) 9:58
6 Bessie's Blues (Coltrane) 9:54

Dr. Lonnie Smith - org
John Abercrombie - g
Marvin "Smitty" Smith - dr

Recorded at Sound Designer Studio in New York City ; June 17th 1993.


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