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Joe Pass & Jimmy Rowles - Checkmate

For this LP, guitarist Joe Pass (who recorded many dates for Pablo during the era) had an opportunity to play a quiet set of duets with pianist Jimmy Rowles. The two musicians had not played together since the 1960s, so their collaborations during the one day of recording were quite spontaneous and fresh. Rowles sets the quiet mood, and Pass keeps his amplifier quite low and was content to play on the pianist's turf. The emphasis is on slower tempos and harmonically sophisticated chords. Together they explore such songs as "What's Your Story Morning Glory," "As Long as I Live," "Stardust" and "T'is Autumn." Superior background music that rewards close listening.
Scott Yanow

Source :

Joe Pass
Jimmy Rowles


1 What's Your Story, Morning Glory ? (Lawrence, Webster, Williams, Williams)  4:08
2 So Rare (Herst, Sharpe)  4:24
3 As Long as I Live (Arlen, oehler)  4:36
4 Marquita (Grenet)  3:55
5 Stardust (Carmichael, Parish)  5:20
6 We'll Be Together Again (Fischer, Laine)  5:04
7 Can't We Be Friends ? (James, Swift)  4:14
8 'Deed I Do (Hirsch, Rose)  3:55
9 'Tis Autumn (Nemo)  4:48
10 God Bless the Child (Holiday, Herzog, Jr.)  3:18


Joe Pass - g
Jimmy Rowles - dr

Recorded at Spectrum Studio, Venice, California ; January 12, 1981

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