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Joe Maini - The Small Group Recordings

A talented bop alto soloist, Joe Maini was a colorful character whose erratic personal life and senseless early death prevented him from fulfilling his potential. Early on Maini toured with the big bands of Alvino Rey and Johnny Bothwell, and he was briefly with Claude Thornhill in 1951. Moving to Los Angeles, Maini was a fixture in both the West Coast jazz movement and in the studios. He often worked with comedian Lenny Bruce and in big bands, including those led by Terry Gibbs (the Dream Band), Gerald Wilson, Bill Holman, Louie Bellson and Shelly Manne's Men. Maini, who was in top form on a pair of jam session albums in 1954 with Clifford Brown and Max Roach, also recorded with Jack Sheldon, Red Mitchell, Kenny Drew and Jimmy Knepper, among others. Maini, who never led his own recording session, died at age 34 after losing at Russian roulette.
Scott Yanow

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/artist/joe-maini-p101057

Joe Maini
The Small Group Recordings


Cd. 1

1 Grasshopper (Manne)  2:52
2 Summer Night (Warren, Dubin)  3:20
3 Spring Is Here (Rodgers, Hart)  2:44
4 You're Getting to Be a Habitwith Me (Warren, Dubin)  3:15
5 Jam for Your Bread (Mitchell)  4:38
6 Where or When (Rodgers, Hart)  3:23
7 Section Blues (Mitchell, Thompson)  5:05
8 Duff (Hawes)  4:51
9 Ornithology (Parker, Harris)  4:53
10 Will You Still Be Mine ? (Adair, Dennis)  4:14
11 I'll Never be the Same (Malick, Cahn, Signorelli)  4:24
12 East Coast Outpost (Mitchell)  3:59
13 You Go to My Head (Gillespie, Coots)  4:46
14 Minor Incident (Tatro)  3:27
15 Dollar Day (Tatro)  3:38
16 Easy Terms (Tatro)  4:13
17 It's Only Paper Moon (Rose, Harburg, Arlen)  7:21
18 Leroy's Blues (Drew)  5:58


Cd. 2

1 Contour (Drew)  6:56
2 Talkin' Walkin' (Drew)  6:22
3 In the Prescribed Manner (Drew)  5:09
4 Prelude to a Kiss (Ellington)  5:33
5 Wee Dot (Johnson)  5:47
6 Hidden Channel (Drew)  4:52
7 Deadline (Drew)  3:23
8 I'm Old Fashioned (Kern, Mercer)  5:00
9 Minor Blues (Blues in a Cardbox) (Drew)  5:45
10 Walkin' Talkin' (Drew)  5:44
11 Embers Glow (Kimmel)  3:53
12 Our Waltz (Rose, Burton)  2:27
13 Key Largo (Carter, Suessdorf, Worth)  3:10
14 Along with Me (Rome)  3:06
15 In Love in Vain (Kern, Robin)  2:44
16 Round Midnight (Monk)  3:39
17 Too Marvelous for Words (Mercer, Withing)  2:30


Cd. 3

1 Make the Men Love Me (Fields, Schwartz)  2:50
2 Right Boy for Me (Green, Comdem)  3:18
3 All Dressed Up Tonight and No Place to Go (Heyman, Levant)  1:56
4 Latter Day Saint (Knepper)  4:04
5 Cunningbird (Knepper)  4:50
6 Jumpin' Blues (Jump the Blues Away) (Gordon)  4:57
7 The Masher (Knepper)  3:36
8 Latter Day Saint [alt. take 1] (Knepper)  5:26
9 Latter Day Saint [alt. take 2] (Knepper)  3:47
10 Latter Day Saint [alt. take 3] (Knepper)  3:55
11 Masher [alt. take] (Knepper)  4:19
12 I'll Remember April (Raye, DePaul)  12:11
13 Indian Summer (Dubin, Herbert)  5:34
14 Theme (Davis)  2:49
15 Long and Far Away (Kern, Gershwin)  1:59
16 Night in Tunisia (Gillespie)  3:50
17 Broadway (Henderson, De Sylva, Brown)  2:39


Cd. 4

1 Concertino Da Camera (Blues and Vanilla) (Montrose) 18:30
2 Shish Ka Bob (Flory)  2:30
3 Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (trad.)  2:35
4 Martian Bossa Nova (Rogers)  6:26
5 I'm Gonna Go Fishin' (Rogers)  5:04
6 Time Was (Prado, Luna, Russell)  5:35
7 Allen's Alley (Wee) (Best)  5:53
8 Blooz [take 1] (Maini)  4:18
9 Blooz [take 2] (Maini)  4:48
10 Sweet Georgia Brown [take 1] (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard)  7:31
11 Sweet Georgia Brown [take 2] (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard)  4:47
12 Auld Lang Syne (trad.)  4:20


Featuring Shorty Rogers, Pete Jolly, Max Bennett, Mel Lewis, Richie Kamuca, Victor Feldman, Zoot Sims, Jack Sheldon, Kenny Drew, Jimmy Knepper, Teddy Edwards, Red Norvo, Paul Chambers, Shelly Manne, Bill Perkins, Jim Hall, Dannie Richmond, Leroy Vinnegar, Bob Enevoldsen, Jimmy Giuffre, Russ Freeman, Conte Candoli, Hampton Hawes, Red Mitchell, Duane Tatro, Lawrence Marable, etc. 

Recorded between September 13, 1955 & November 19, 1962


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Joe Maini - Small Group Recordings (1955-1962)

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The music is great. And it's a big help to have complete notes explaining a lot about Maini & these recordings.


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Many thanks Mel.
Please allow me to leave here all musicians involved as it may help other people

CD 1 ; 1-4
Shelly Manne & His Men:
Bob Enevoldsen (v-tb), Bill Holman (ts), Jimmy Giuffre (bar),
Russ Freeman (p), Ralph Pena (b), Shelly Manne (d).
Los Angeles, September 13, 1955.
Arrangers: Bill Holman (1 & 3), Marty Paich (2), Bob Enevoldsen (4).

CD 1 ; 5-13
Red Mitchell Quintet:
Conte Candoli (tp), Hampton Hawes (p), Red Mitchell (b), Chuck Thompson (d).
Hollywood, September 27, 1955.
Maini & Candoli out on “Du?", “You Go to My Head",
“Where or When" & “l’ll Never Be the Same".
Joe Maini doubles on tenor sax on “Will You Still Be Mine?".

CD 1 ; 14-16
Duane Tatro’s Jazz for Modems:
Stu Williamson (tp), Bob Enevoldsen (v-tb), Joe Eager (flugelhorn), Bill Holman (ts),
1 Jimmy Giuffre (bar), Ralph Pena (b), Shelly Manne (d), Duane Tatro (arranger).
Los Angeles, November 1, 1955.

CD1 ; 17-18 & CD 2 ; 1
Jack Sheldon Quintet:
Jack Sheldon (tp), Kenny Drew (p), Leroy Vinnegar (b), Lawrence Marable (d).
Los Angeles, November 18, 1955.

CD 2 ; 2-10
Kenny Drew Quartet Talkin’ & Walkin’:
Kenny Drew (p), Leroy Vinnegar (b), Lawrence Marable (d).
Los Angeles, December 1955.
Joe Maini doubles on tenor sax on some tracks.

CD 2 ; 11-17
Jane Fielding Embers Glow:
Jane Fielding (vol), Teddy Edwards (ts, presented on the original issue as “Ted Elefantis"),
Kenny Drew (p), Paul Chambers (b on Disc 2, tracks 12, 14-16),
Leroy Vinnegar (b on Disc 2, tracks 1 1, 13 & 17), Lawrence Marable (d).
Los Angeles, December 1955 (Disc 2, tracks 12, 14-16)
and March 1956 (Disc 2, tracks 11, 13 &17).

CD 3 ; 1-3
Jane Fielding Embers Glow:
Jane Fielding (vcl), Teddy Edwards (ts, presented on the original issue as “Ted Elefantis"), 1
Kenny Drew (p), Paul Chambers (b on Disc 3, track 2),
Leroy Vinnegar (b on Disc 3, tracks 1 & 3), Lawrence Marable (d).
Los Angeles, December 1955 (Disc 3, track 2) and March 1956 (Disc 3, tracks 1 & 3).

CD 3 ; 4-11
Jimmy Knepper Quintet New Faces:
Jimmy Knepper (tb), Bill Triglia (p), Charles Mingus (b), Dannie Richmond (d).
New York, June 10, 1957.

CD 3 ; 12-17
Joe Maini Sextet Live:
Zoot Sims (ts), Jack Sheldon (tp), Kenny Drew (p),
Bob Bertaux (b), Gary Frommer (d).
Hollywood, late 1956.

CD 4 ; 1
Jack Montrose Quintet:
Jack Montrose (ts), Red Norvo (vib), Buddy Clark (b), Shelly Manne (d).
Hollywood, 1956. y

CD 4 ; 2-3
The Sax Maniacs (tentet):
Med Flory (as, ts), Bob Hardaway, Bill Perkins, Bill Holman (ts), Bill Hood (bar),
Russ Freeman (p), Jim Hall (g), Red Kelly (b), Mel Lewis (d).
Los Angeles, December 1959.

CD 4 ; 4-6
Shorty Rogers and His Giants:
Shorty Rogers (tp, flugelhorn), Pete Jolly (p), Max Bennett (b), Mel Lewis (d).
TV Broadcast, Los Angeles, October 1962.

CD 4 ; 7-12
Joe Maini Quintet/Sextet:
Richie Kamuca (ts on "Allen’s Alley" and both takes of "Blooz" only), Victor Feldman (vib),
Lou Levy (p), Buddy Clark (b), Mel Lewis (d).
Hollywood, November 19, 1962.

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