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Jim Hall - Subsequently

Jim Hall's third CD for Musicmasters is the usual excellent mix of well-crafted originals and thoughtfully-arranged standards that one has come to expect from the veteran guitarist. It also marks the addition of young keyboardist Larry Goldings and the recording debut of a promising young Danish tenor saxophonist Rasmus Lee. The leader's "Subsequently" is an immediately infectious song that kicks off the release, while "Pancho" is a captivating bossa nova with a few twists thrown in, and "Waiting to Dance" is a brisk waltz that has a few detours into post-bop. Hall's also covers his wife's tasty composition "The Answer Is Yes" once again. Standard fare includes a gracefully swinging "I'm in the Mood for Love" and a foot-tapping "More Than You Know" ; harmonica player Toots Thielemans is a special guest on his own upbeat "Waltz for Sonny." With the demise of Musicmasters, this highly recommended CD could soon turn into a hard to find collectable, so it merits immediate an immediate search.
Ken Dryden

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Jim Hall


1 Subsequently (Hall)  5:39
2 Mr. Blues (Hall)  5:27
3 Pancho (Hall)  8:18
4 The Answer is Yes (Hall)  6:45
5 Waiting to Dance (Hall)  5:22
6 I'm in the Mood for Love (Fields, McHugh)  6:11
7 What's it Like to Love ? (Goldings)  5:01
8 Waltz for Sonny (Thielemans)  3:43
9 More Than You Know (Eliscu, Rose, Youmans)  7:18


Jim Hall - g
Rasmus Lee - ts
Larry Goldings - p & ham org
Toots Thielemans - hrmc
Steve La Spina - b
Terry Clarke - dr

Recorded at Sound on Sound Recording Studios, New York City ; January 1991


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