Sunday, March 17, 2013

Herbie Brock's Tops

A solid bebop pianist, Herbie Brock was an obscure musician based in Miami. He recorded two albums for Savoy during 1955-56 (Brock's Tops was his second) and a few slightly later titles for Criteria from 1957 have also been reissued by V.S.O.P. Brock's Tops features the pianist in eight trio performances with bassist Brooks Caperton and drummer Rick Hanson; six standards (including "Four Brothers"); and two Brock originals. The packaging of this Japanese Savoy reissue aims to be a recreation of the original LP, for better or worse. The music still communicates well and will be enjoyed by straight-ahead jazz fans.
Scott Yanow

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Herbie Brock

Brock's Tops


1 If It's the Last Thing I Do (Cahn, Chaplin) 4:34
2 The Moon Was Yellow (Arlert, Leslie) 3:55
3 Blues a Brock Long (Brock) 5:22
4 There'll Never Be Another You (Woods) 3:46
5 Four Brothers (Giuffre) 2:58
6 Sweet and Lovely (Arnheim, LeMare, Tobias) 5:10
7 Brock Etude (Brock) 3:46
8 Willow Weep for Me (Ronell) 6:00

Herbie Brock - p

Brooks Caperton - b
Rick Hanson - dr
Recorded on February 15, 1956


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Heard the 1957 Criteria stuff (Herbie's Room), so looking forward to hearing his earlier material. Many thanks...

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