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Gerry Mulligan

This live concert from the Storyville Club in Boston features Gerry Mulligan's Quartet in late 1956. Baritonist Mulligan had found a perfect partner in valve trombonist Bob Brookmeyer and (with the sympathetic support of bassist Bill Crow and drummer Dave Bailey) they romp through a variety of standards and group originals including such odd titles as "Bweebida Bwobbida," "Utter Chaos" (their theme song) and "Bike Up the Strand." A fine all-round performance from this cool-toned bop unit. [Originally released on LP in 1956, At Storyville was reissued on an import-only Japanese CD in 2007.]
Scott Yanow

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Gerry Mulligan
At Storyville


1 Bweebida Bwobbida (Mulligan) 6:38
2 Birth of the Blues (Brown, DeSylva, Henderson) 4:36
3 Baubles, Bangles and Beads (Forrest, Wright) 3:27
4 Rustic Hop (Brookmeyer) 4:50
5 Open Country (Brookmeyer) 5:43
6 Storyville Story (Mulligan) 5:35
7 That Old Feeling (Brown, Fain) 4:06
8 Bike Up the Strand/Utter Chaos (Mulligan) 6:20
9 Blues at the Roots (Mulligan) 4:54
10 Ide's Side (Mulligan) 5:10
11 I Can't Get Started (Duke, Gershwin) 2:42
12 Frenesi (Dominguez, Whitcup) 4:25
13 Flash (Mulligan) 2:43
14 Honeysuckle Rose (Razaf, Waller) 3:19
15 Limelight/Utter Chaos (Mulligan) 4:42

Gerry Mulligan - bs & p [# 6, 9, 11 & 13]
Bob Brookmeyer - tb & p [# 14]
Bill Crow - b
Dave Bailey - dr

Recorded live at the Storyville Club, Boston ; December 6, 1956


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Hi Mel! Thank you. Joyeux Noel.

jzz3skys said...

I just want to thank you sincerely for this album (and others). True story but I walked into a used bookstore on Saturday and found a copy of a 1991 book about Mulligan that I never knew existed. It's like it was there waiting for me! It's not a biography (Listen, Gerry Mulligan: An Aural Narrative in Jazz), but more a listener's guide which puts certain of his key works in the context of his life and his larger body of work. While there appears to be no specific entry for this album, it was easy enough to find in the discography as the Japanese Pacific Jazz version of the Storyville album, with tracks #9-15 apparently not part of the original release. So thanks again.

justjack said...

Okay, wise guy! Heh!

Thank you for this supremely enjoyable platter. I tend not to go for live performances, but this one is a winner.

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