Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fapy Lafertin - Star Eyes

Of all the gypsy players who have followed in the footsteps of Django Reinhardt, it is generally acknowledged that Fapy Lafertin has remained true to the master's musical ideals in his own playing. It's also true to say that Fapy has a prodigious talent that allows him to play the seemingly impossible with ease. This is no more apparent when he's playing the gypsy waltz, long acknowledged as the hardest of all the styles to play. From thoses early days with the renowed group, WASO, through the years as a solo artist, Fapy Lafertin has shown himself to be a player of the highst quality - a tru genius of the instrument and genre that the Hot Club/gypsy style jazz guitar.
Chris Burden
From the booklet

Fapy Lafertin
Tim Kliphuis
Star Eyes


1 Cheek To Cheek (Berlin) 4:22
2 I Won’t Dance (Hammerstein, Harbach, Kern) 4:00
3 Star Eyes (Raye, Paul) 4:55
4 Limehouse Blues (Furber, Braham) 3:23
5 You Took Advantage Of Me (Hart, Rodgers) 3:50
6 The Folks Who Live On The Hill (Hammerstein, Kern) 4:24
7 Jive Bomber (Grappelli) 4:44
8 Swing Valse (Viseur, Ferré) 2:45
9 Echoes Of France/Variations Sur La Marseillaise (Rouget De L’Isle) 3:37
10 Webster (Reinhardt) 3:55
11 Mélodie au Crepuscule (Reinhardt) 4:15
12 Just You, Just Me (Klages, Greer) 3:53
13 Django’s Tiger (Reinhardt) 2:47
14 R-26 (Reinhardt, Grappelli) 3:32

Fapy Lafertin - g
Reinier Voet - g
Henk De Geus - g
Tim Kliphuis - vl
Simon Planting - b

Recorded at Studio Betondorp (Amsterdam) ; 1999/2000

Fapy Lafertin plays an original 1946 Selmer Guitar n° #632 on this recording


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Un type intéressant, et puis, Django n'en fait plus, pour notre plus grand plaisir...enfin, merci.

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Thanks, Mel.

Blue Eyes said...

Excellent guitarist (I love his version of Star Eyes, very beautiful melodic lines with his 1946 Selmer guitar..."un petit bijou" cette guitare by the way, holy cow!) Thanks a lot Mel for this album!

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Orbyt said...

Another artist I was thrilled to discover through your introduction here. Mille mercis Mel!

OldHippieRick said...

Thanks Mel a real gem indeed

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Fapy Lafertin Quintet
Tim Kliphuis
Star Eyes ....thank you. Can never have too much gypsy jazz.

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thank you very much for this quality rip.

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Anyone named "Fapy" is a friend of mine :-) Thank you for this new player to me!

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