Saturday, March 23, 2013

Charlie Mariano

Charlie Mariano
Boston Days



1. Diane's Melody (Byard) 3:20
2. Harangue (Pomeroy) 2:48
3. Sweet and Lovely (Arnheim, Tobias, Lemare) 3:55
4. Ryan's Love (Crown) 2:32
5. This is Heaven (Feller) 2:57
6. How about You (Freed, Blane)2:39
7. My Nancy (Mariano) 2:51
8. Jan (Crow) 2:49
9. Chanticlear (Crow) 2:57
10. Chopin Excerpts (ad. Mariano) 3:09
11. April Afternoon (mariano, Pomeroy) 3:19
12. Chandra (Byard) 2:16
13. Sagapo (Byard) 2:35
14. When Your Lover Has Gone (Swan) 2:37
15. It's Magic (Cahn, Styne) 2:31
16. American Indian (Pomeroy) 2:28

Charlie Mariano - as
Herb Pomeroy - tp
Jaki Byard - p
Jack Carter - b
Peter Littman - dr

Recorded in Boston, November 1953.


wightdj said...

At the beginning of his 56-year career (so far). Thanks.

hulaboy said...

It's great to catch up on all this early music by the late great Mr. Mariano. Thank you!

neil said...

Ah, you are so good to us!

neil said...

Listening to Boston Days; magic!

Melanchthon said...

Pet said...

Here's the cover of the first half, "With His Jazz Group". And thanks for the Johnny Smith Mosaic..!

Albertito Jazz said...

Thanks for the last records, Melanchthon. All the days are marvellous with your blog! I love your daily surprises!

CrunchyFrog said...

seriously one of the best blogs ever... get to hear so much stuff I've never hear before... all the best to you Mel!