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Charlie Mariano Plays

Six of these tracks (the sextet performances) first appeared here on a now-deleted ten-inch London LP, while the remainder — Manteca, Give A Little Whistle, It's You Or No-One and I Should Care, all by the quartet—have never previously been issued here. The latter tracks present Mariano playing tenor sax, accompanied by Johnny Williams, Max Bennett and Mel Lewis. Parker's influence upon Mariano is most heavily marked on the earlier made sextet titles, where he plays alto sax, particularly in Melancholy Baby and You Go To My Head. Stu and Claude Williamson, Frank Rosolino, Stan Levey and Max Bennett also perform adequately. The tracks off the later session are interesting, for I've never heard Mariano playing tenor sax on record before ; tonally and stylistically his playing falls midway between that of Sonny Stitt and Zoot Stims, although his unfamiliarity with the larger instrument occasionally affects his normally good sense of time (I'm thinking of the first chorus of Manteca). Nevertheless I enjoy his communicative enthusiasm and sense of swing, while the treatment of the thematic choruses in Give A Little Whistle is amusing. Of the sextet items, Green Walls has a distinctly "un-WestCoast" sound, while S' Nice uses the chords of S' Wonderful.

Source : 1959

Charlie Mariano
Charlie Mariano Plays
(Japanese Import)


1 Chloe (Kahn, Moret)  4:10
2 You Go to My Head (Coots, Gillespie)  2:41
3 S' Nice (Mariano)  4:13
4 Manteca* (Fuller, Gillespie, Gonzales)  3:36
5 It's You or No One* (Cahn, Styne)  4:38
6 Three Little Words (Kalmar, Ruby)  4:44
7 Green Walls (Mariano)  3:28
8 Give a Little Whistle* (Harline, Washington)  4:46
9 I Should Care* (Cahn, Stordahl, Weston)  2:57
10 My Melancholy Baby (Burnett, Norton, Watson)  5:14


Charlie Mariano - as & ts*
Stu Williamson [# 1, 7 & 10] - tp
Frank Rosolino [# 1, 7] - tb
Claude Williamson or John Williams* - p
Max bennett - b
Stan Levey or Mel Lewis* - dr

Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; July 11, 1955* ; & December 21, 1953 (other selections)

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