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Cal Tjader Quartet

Vibraphonist Cal Tjader took a brief vacation from playing Afro-Cuban jazz to record this fine straight-ahead bop set. The 1997 CD reissue matches Tjader with the underrated but always swinging pianist Gerald Wiggins, bassist Eugene Wright (shortly before he joined Dave Brubeck's Quartet) and drummer Bill Douglass. They perform four basic originals (two apiece by Wig and Wright) and five standards, including a swinging "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "Our Love Is Here to Stay." On this date, more than almost any other one, Tjader displays his debt to Milt Jackson's style.
Scott Yanow

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Cal Tjader
Cal Tjader Quartet


1 Battle Hymn of the Republic (Howe, Steffe) 3:28
2 It Never Entered My Mind (Hart, Rodgers) 3:38
3 A Light Groove (Wiggins) 5:11
4 The Night We Called It a Day (Adair, Dennis) 3:06
5 Fancy Bea (Wright) 4:16
6 A Fifth fo (Wiggins) 4:50
7 For All We Know (Coots, Lewis) 4:43
8 Miss Wiggins (Wright) 5:57
9 Love Is Here to Stay (Gershwin, Gershwin) 5:26

Cal Tjader - vb
Gerald Wiggins - p
Gene Wright - b
Bill Douglass - dr

Recorded at Radio Recoders, Hollywood, California ; May 24, 1956


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