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Buddy Collette - Tasty Dish

Three of Buddy's groups can be heard in this compact disc, two of which have Dick Shreve on piano. With his degree in music behind him from Oklahoma City University, Shreve was busy making a name for himself at Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse at the time these recordings were made. Collette held him in high regard, and went so far as to write "Soft Touch" with Dick especially in mind, because as Buddy himself put il, "..  he does have a soft touch. Matter of fact, the whole number has a sort of light, airy feeling." Howard Roberts on guiter had performed regularly with Buddy over a long period in different clubs, and his very individual playing can be heard on four tracks. Gerald Wiggins is another long-time buddy of Collette's, a pianist who the multi-reed player had often counted on over the years. Bassist Eugene Wright later achieved fame with the Dave Brubeck Quartet, and here on these recordings he not only plays fine brass but his two compositions ("Mrs Pott" and "Old School") were particulary favorites of Collette.
Mike Baillie, from the booklet

Buddy Collette
Tasty Dish


1 Makin' Whoopee (Donaldson, Kahn)  2:36
2 Fall Wind (Collette)  5:18
3 I'll Remember April (DePaul, Raye, Johnson)  2:19
4 Tasty Dish (Collette)  5:41
5 I Still Love You (Collette)  3:26
6 Mrs. Potts (Wright)  3:20
7 You Better Go Now (Graham, Reichner)  3:34
8 Orlando Blues (Collette)  4:37
9 Soft Touch (Collette)  3:46
10 Old School (Wright)  4:46
11 Debbie (Shreve)  3:57


[# 1-3]
Buddy Collette - as & fl
Dick Shreve - p
John Goodman - b
Bill Dolney - dr
Recorded at the "Stars of Jazz" TV Show in Hollywood ; November 19, 1956
[# 4-7]
Buddy Collette - ts, cl & fl
Howard Roberts - g
Gerald Wiggins - p
Eugene Wright - b
Bill Richmond - dr
Recorded at Radio Recorders Studio in Hollywood ; May 14, 1957
Buddy Collette - ts, cl & fl
Dick Shreve - p
Eugene Wright - b
Bill Richmond - dr
Recorded at Radio Recorders Studio in Hollywood ; May 15, 1957


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