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Bud Powell on RCA [Strictly Powell & Swingin' with Bud]

The immortal pianist Bud Powell's two RCA sets from 1956-1957 have been unjustly neglected through the years. Superior to his Verve releases from the time (although not on the same level as his Blue Note dates), Powell is in generally good form on this trio session with bassist George Duvivier and drummer Art Taylor. Highlights include "Like Someone in Love," "Salt Peanuts," "Shaw 'Nuff" and "Oblivion" (the latter is one of four Powell originals on the program). The set is not essential but is easily recommended to bop collectors.
Scott Yanow

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Bud Powell
The Complete
Trio Sessions



1 There'll Never Be Another You (Gordon, Warren)  3:42
2 Coscrane (Powell)  3:45
3 Over the Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg)  3:22
4 Blues for Bessie (Powell)  5:41
5 Time Was (Luna, Prado, Russell)  3:11
6 Topsy Turvy (Powell)  4:38
7 Lush Life (Strayhorn)  2:54
8 Elegy (Powell)  3:49
9 They Didn't Believe Me (Kern)  3:20
10 I Cover the Waterfront (Green, Heyman)  2:33
11 Jump City (Powell)  3:19
12 Another Dozen (Duvivier)  3:30
13 Like Someone in Love (VanHeusen, Vurke)  4:59
14 Salt Peanuts (Clarke, Gillespie)  2:24
15 She (Powell)  5:11
16 Swedish Pastry (Kessel)  3:19
17 Shaw Nuff (Gillespie, Parker)  3:18
18 Oblivion (Powell)  2:34
19 In the Blue of the Evening (Adair, D'Artega)  3:27
20 Get It (Powell)  3:08
21 Birdland Blues (Powell)  4:22
22 Midway (Powell)  3:08

Bud Powell -p
George Duvivier - b
Art Taylor - dr

Recorded in New York City ; October 5, 1956 [# 1-11] ; & February 11, 1957 [# 12-22]

Tracks # 1-11 from "Strictly Powell" (RCA Victor LPM-1423)
 Tracks # 12-22 from "Swingin' With Powell" (RCA Victor LPM-1507)

This release contains the complete original albums "Strictly Powell" and "Swingin’ with Bud," two of his last American releases prior to his departure to Europe in 1959. Both LPs showcase Powell in a trio format with bassist George Duvivier and drummer Art Taylor, who formed his regular trio at Birdland.

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